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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Alexander Anderson Malcolm (Illeg)
Coal Miner
04 Jan 1871 Haywood Colliery, Parish of Carnwath 51 Years M John Malcolm (Deceased) reputed father
Coal Miner
Christina Livingston Mary Dykes
Thomas Malcolm (Son)

Death Alexander Black
Engine Keeper at an Ironstone Work
03 Jan 1871 Parish of Carnwath 25 Years M William Black
Coal Miner
Marion Greenhorn Single
William Black (Brother)

Death Edward McConville 31 Dec 1870 Forth, Parish of Carnwath 5 Months M Edward McConville
Coal Miner
Jane Hastie Infant Death
Edward McConville (Father)

Marriage Thomas Buchanan 10 Dec 1869 Boughknowes, Carnwath 31 Years M Alexander Buchanan
Margaret Marshall Elizabeth Todd
26 Years Alexander Todd
Margaret Marshall
Death Agnes Fleming 08 Apr 1858 Calla, Carnwath, Lanark 2 Weeks F Andrew Fleming
Helen Vallance Infant Death
Andrew Fleming, Father

Death Isabella McKay 04 Apr 1858 Forth, Carnwath, Lanark 63 Years F William McKay (Deceased)
Isabella Thomson (Deceased) Not Married
Elizabeth McKay, Aunt

Death Mary Newton 31 Mar 1858 Village of Carnwath, Lanark 88 Years F John Harper (Deceased)
Barbara Hardie (Deceased) Not Given
Alexander Bamon, Son-In-Law