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Event Name Date Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Parents marriage Age Gender Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Birth James Brownlie 27 May 1909 7 Field Street, Lowwaters, Hamilton, Lanark James Brownlie
Coal Miner
Barbara Higgins 16 Oct 1903
Hamilton, Lanark

Birth Janet Orr Law 25 May 1909 Brooklyn Terrace, Burn Glen Street, Hamilton, Lanark William Law
Draper (Master)
Alice Wright 21 Nov 1902
Hamilton, Lanark

Death Patrick O'Neill
General Labourer
18 Nov 1908 Combination Poorhouse, Hamilton, Lanark John O'Neill (Deceased)
General Labourer
Bridget Quinn (Deceased) 52 Years M Single
C. R. Mc Murray (Warden)

Death Robert Fleming
Handloom Weaver
18 Nov 1908 Palmer Lodge, Edinburgh Rd., Parish of Hamilton, Lanark Archibald Fleming (Deceased)
Handloom Weaver
Margaret Fleming (Deceased) 84 Years M (1) Christina Cunningham (2) Sarah Marshall
James Patterson (Son in Law)

Death Jane Valentine 17 Nov 1908 Windmill Road, Hamilton, Lanark Alexander Valentine (Deceased)
Master Mariner
Jane Alexander (Deceased) 81 Years F Single
James Barlas (Nephew)

Marriage Robert Smith Weir
Coal Miner
27 Mar 1908 Clyde Colliery Cottages, Hamilton, Lanark Robert Resting Weir
Plasterer (Journeyman)
Maria Brown 23 Years M Helen Strathie Clarkson
Domestic Servant
22 Years David Clarkson
Colliery Engineer
Janet Malcolm
Marriage John Wilson
Colliery Store Keeper
20 Mar 1908 Flannigan's Hall, Burnbank, Hamilton John Wilson
Coal Trimmer
Margaret McKay 21 Years M Agnes Brown
School Cleaner
22 Years Alexander Brown (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Agnes Lang
Death Felix Bryce 8 Dec 1906 28 Baillies Causeway, Hamilton, Lanark Robert Bryce
Coal Miner
Jeanie Queen 1 Year M Infant Death
Robert Bryce (Father)

Death Helen Murrie Smith 7 Dec 1906 9 Portland Square, Hamilton, Lanark Dawson Smith
Coal Miner
Annie Campbell 10 Years F Child Death
Dawson Smith (Father)

Death Agnes McIntyre 6 Dec 1906 66 Tuphall Road, Hamilton, Lanark John Jackson (Deceased)
Catherine Wiseman (Deceased) 76 Years F John McIntyre
Road Surfaceman
James McIntyre (Son)