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Event Name Date Age Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Gender Death informant Parents marriage
Marriage Robert Paterson
10 Dec 1926 30 Years Blackhall Cottage, Paisley, Renfrew James Paterson (Deceased)
Alison Robertson Anderson Jane Watson
Farm Servant
22 Years Archibald Watson
Mary Stewart Muir
Marriage Andrew Gordon Struthers
Pastry baker (Journeyman)
09 Dec 1926 30 Years 14 Moss Street, Paisley, Renfrew Mathew Guy Struthers
Engineer Patternmaker
Janet Gordon Margaret Struthers McKee
Boot Saleswoman
27 Years William Anderson McKee
Wood Turner
Elizabeth Cuggie
Death Sophia Thomson 03 Sep 1901 2 Years New Tock Street, Paisley, Renfrew William Thomson
Powerloom Beamer
Maggie Wiseman Child Death

F Wm Thomson, father
Birth Sophia Thomson 15 Dec 1899 Neilson Street, Paisley, Renfrew William Thomson
Powerloom Beamer
Maggie Wiseman

F 25 Oct 1895
Avondale, Lanark
Birth Lillias Hamilton Thomson 15 Aug 1899 Cochran Street, Paisley, Renfrew Robert Thomson
Fanny Campbell

F 29 Jul 1896
Paisley, Renfrew
Birth Maggie Aitken 05 Mar 1895 McFarlane's Lane, Paisley, Renfrew William Aitken
Engine Fitter (Journeyman)
Catherine McGhee

F 30 Mar 1888
Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland
Birth Sophia Thomson 05 Mar 1895 Espedairt Street, Paisley, Renfrew George Thomson
Dyer (Journeyman)
Elizabeth Smith

F 14 Jun 1889
Paisley, Renfrew
Birth Eliza Jane Galbraith McKim 02 Mar 1895 Seedhill Row, Paisley, Renfrew William Cameron McKim
Sarah McArthur

F 12 Oct 1893
Pasisley, Renfrew
Birth Flora McKenzie 28 Jun 1890 Underwood Lane, Paisley, Renfrew Malcolm McKenzie
Isabella McIntyre

M 12 Mar 1883
Campbeltown, Argyll
Birth Janet Kinlay Macintyre 01 Dec 1885 Well Street, Paisley, Renfrew John Allan Macintyre
Grace Walker

F 04 Sep 1883
Campbeltown, Argyll