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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death Margaret Moffat
2 Aug 1945 Muneroy, Southend, Argyll 64 Years F John Moffat (Deceased)
Stone Mason
Elizabeth Dinning (Deceased) Not Married
James Moffat (Brother) 7 Seafield Drive, Ayr
Death Susan McFadyen 27 May 1945 Pennyland Mill, Southend, Argyll 87 Years F James Blackstock (Deceased)
Mary Ferguson Charles McFadyen
James McFadyen, son
Birth Margaret Ross Mitchell 13 Jan 1931 Gartvain, Southend, Argyll F Edward Mitchell
Mary Ferguson
11 Jun 1926
Campbeltown, Argyll
Death Thomas Wilson
Marine Engineer (Retired)
22 Jul 1929 Knockstable, Southend, Argyll 67 Years M Archibald Wilson (Deceased)
Jean Rae (Deceased) Not Married
J. R. Wilson, brother, Avondale Lodge, West Kilbride
Death Jean Wilson Stewart 3 Jun 1929 The Village, Southend, Argyll 6 Weeks F Not Given Annie Stewart
Infant Death
Hugh Stewart, grandfather
Death Agnes O'Hara 1 Mar 1929 The Village, Southend, Argyll 64 Years F Not Given Agnes McGuire (Deceased) Henry O'Hara
Archie McGuire, nephew
Death Walter Dickson Campbell 13 Sep 1923 The Village, Southend, Argyll 8 Months M Walter Dickson Campbell
Blacksmith (Journeyman)
Agnes Williamson Infant Death
Walter D. Campbell, father
Death Alexandrina McIntyre
6 Aug 1923 Keil, Southend, Argyll 45 Years F Donald McIntyre
Isabella Johnston Not Married
James Mason, Headmaster of Keil Technical School
Death Charles Black
Postman (Retired)
20 Jul 1923 Muneroy, Southend, Argyll 75 Years M Charles Black (Deceased)
Harriet Melvin (Deceased) 1. Isabella Tough 2. Isabella Stewart
Isa, grand-daughter, Muneroy, Southend, Argyll
Death Alexander McAlister
5 Nov 1913 Glenanuilt, Southend, Argyll 71 Years M Ronald McAlister (Deceased)
Isabella McCallum (Deceased) Ann McKinlay
Ronald McAlister, son