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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death James Smillie
3 Feb 1895 Eden, Southend, Argyll 91 Years M Thomas Smillie
Barbara Colville Christina McKinnon
Thomas G Smillie, son
Death Flora McShannon 27 Jan 1895 Low Glendale, Southend, Argyll 85 Years F Donald Campbell (Deceased)
Mary Taylor (Deceased) Duncan McShannon
John McShannon, son
Death Catherine Thomson 29 Oct 1894 Ballybranan, Southend, Argyll 79 Years F John McLardy (Deceased)
Isabella Taylor (Deceased) Alexander Thomson
Road Contractor
William, son-in-law
Death Mary Dempsey
Domestic Servant
8 Oct 1894 Village, Southend, Argyll 25 Years F John Dempsey
Mary McGill (Deceased) Not Married
John Dempsey, father
Birth Elizabeth Rae 2 Oct 1894 Mull of McIntyre, Lighthouse, Southend, Argyll F James Rae
Lighthouse Keeper
Ellen Nisbet
12 Oct 1892
Edinburgh, Midlothian
Birth Archibald Blackstock 31 May 1894 Killervan Cottage, Southend, Argyll M Duncan Blackstock
Euphemia Hislop
11 Jun 1889
Southend, Argyll
Birth Janet Andrew 16 May 1894 Carskey, Southend, Argyll F Samuel Andrew
Agnes Reid
18 Feb 1880
Southend, Argyll
Birth Janet Andrew 4 Feb 1894 Keprigan, Southend, Argyll F Matthew Andrew
Elizabeth Mitchell
9 Jun 1887
Campbeltown, Argyll
Birth Ninian Shearer 2 Feb 1894 Machrimore Mill, Southend, Argyll M James Shearer
Farm Servant
Flora Mc Neill
10 Jan 1891
Campbeltown, Argyll
Birth John Birnie 9 Jan 1894 Carskey Waterfoot, Southend, Argyll M John Birnie
Farm Servant
Jane Watson
23 Nov 1893
Southend, Argyll