"And it's oh but I'm longing for my ain folk
Tho' they be but lowly, puir and plain folk
I am far beyond the sea, but my heart will ever be
At home in dear auld Scotland wi' my ain folk"


I came to Canada, an immigrant child of seven, leaving behind a home I loved, grandparents dear, aunts, and uncles; and many young cousins I never got to play with. I could not understand then, my parent's hopes and dreams at the end of World War II to begin a new life. Like many others of their time, they had a desire to leave the tragedy of war behind, the bombings, the rationing of food, etc., and make a fresh start for their little family in a new country.

I never realized how difficult it was for them to leave Scotland; but I did notice, as a child, that when my father listened to Scottish music, there was always tears in his eyes. I don't remember him ever crying at any other time in my life, not even when his only brother, Tommy was killed. My father always loved Scotland, and passed on that love of country and his Scottish heritage to me.

I dedicate this Family History Site to the memory of my parents, William Martin Blue and Elizabeth Garven Collins Hamilton, and to those of another time, my ancestors, whose lives truly had meaning and purpose. I have tender feelings for them, especially as I discover evidence of their poverty, their untimely death at a young age, or the loss of one or more of their children to a disease now eradicated in our time. I marvel at the ability they had to go on, to make do, to survive in the face of such hardship. I owe my existence to these people. They are and always will be forever, "My Ain Folk".

My Scottish Ancestry resided mainly in the Counties of Argyll, Ayr, Lanark, and Wigtown. Many stayed in these places for generations, while others moved about constantly, much to my frustration.

Thanks to computer technology and kind listers I have been able to locate branches of my family tree in the following countries: Scotland, England, Ireland, Canada, USA, Africa, Australia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Truly, my family has been scattered to "the four corners of the earth." I have followed them there, searching through microfilm of various sources of births, marriages, death, census records, all the while, longing to know more about their personal lives. Many of you, fellow researchers, have assisted me in this quest. I am most grateful for your help, and in return, I offer my assistance to you through this website. I wish you every success in finding "your ain folk".

Best regards,
Jeanette Earl (Jen)


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Kilkerran Cemetery, Campbeltown tombstone photographs, credit and appreciation is given to James Adams, (photographer), Muriel Adams, and Scott Jack for making available this valuable resource of gravestone photos to Kintyre descendants. Thank you for your efforts to make our ancestors lives significant and remembered.