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Event Name Date Age Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Gender Death informant Parents marriage
Marriage James Moir Connelly
Beamer at Canvas Factory
31 Dec 1994 26 Years North Grimely Hall, Arbroath James Connelly
Canvas weaver
Mary Moir Mary Dow Cargill
Preparer Fax Mill
22 Years Thomas Cargill
Alexina Strachan
Death Charlotte Fleming Annie Hamilton 30 Nov 1984 33 Years Loganbank, Lanark William Hamilton
Retired Farmer
Annie Wilson Greed

F William Hamilton (Father)
Birth Elizabeth Wyllie 15 Mar 1979 Main Street, Auchinleck, Ayr James Wyllie
Iron Miner
Agnes Gibb

F 31 Jul 1863
Sorn, Ayr
Death Hugh Wardrope
Locomotive Engine Driver (Retired)
22 Dec 1971 68 Years 9 Greenfield Road, Hamilton, Lanark James Wardrope (Deceased)
Coal Hewer
Mary McAreavy (Deceased) Margaret Young Loudon

M Margaret Boxall, Daughter
Death Peter MacPherson
Forestry Worker (Retired)
19 Sep 1964 64 Years 1 Deerpark Cottage's, Dunoon, Argyll Alexander MacPherson (Deceased)
Helen Black (Deceased) Jane Ann Campbell

M J.A. MacPherson, Widow
Death John Smith
General Labourer
8 Sep 1964 78 Years Witchburn Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll Archibald Smith (Deceased)
Joiner (Journeyman)
Grace Douglas (Deceased) Margaret McKinnon Durnan

M A. Smith, son, 25 Meadow Avenue, Campbeltown
Death Alexander Wallace
3 Sep 1964 66 Years Witchburn Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll Donald Wallace (Deceased)
Catherine McGeachy (Deceased) Not Married

M Catherine Wallace, sister, 4 Main Street, Campbeltown
Death Flora Livingstone Colville
Draper (Retired)
22 Aug 1964 77 Years Cottage Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll William Colville (Deceased)
Christina Campbell (Deceased) Not Married

F Christina B. Bartholomew, niece, 33 Newfield Square, Craigbank, Glasgow
Death Elizabeth Crawford Brown 8 Jan 1964 78 Years Cottage Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll John McCaffer (Deceased)
Ship Carpenter
Margaret McCallum (deceased) John Shaw Brown
Ship Steward

F John McCallum, cousin, Castlehill, Campbeltown
Death Mary Anne Milne Smith 5 Jan 1964 59 Years Cottage Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll John MacDonald (Deceased)
Head Maltman
Helen Robertson (Deceased) Henry James Smith
Distillery Manager

F Henry Smith, son, Drumore Villa, Campbeltown