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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death David Cuthbert
Foreman Blacksmith (Retired)
2 Jan 1963 93 Jean Armour Drive, Mauchline, Ayr 77 Years M Thomas Cuthbert (Deceased)
Engine Keeper
Margaret McDowall (Deceased) Charlotte Britton
T. Cuthbert, son, 54 Beechwood Road, Mauchline
Death James Young
Machine man
1 Jan 1963 9 Auchendores Avenue, Port Glasgow, Renfrew 80 Years M John Young (Deceased)
Mary Marshall (Deceased) 1. Elizabeth Letson 2. Alice Gallagher
John Young, son, 12 Gilbert House, Churchill Gardens, London
Death William McQuillan
Shipyard Labourer
1 Jan 1963 55 Firth View, Port Glasgow, Renfrew 76 Years M William McQuillan (Deceased)
Sarah McAlonen (Deceased) Not Married
W. McQuillan, nephew, 4 Wilson Street, Port Glasgow
Death Archibald McCallum
Ploughman (Retired)
25 Jul 1962 Woodbank, Campbeltown, Argyll 86 Years M John McCallum (Deceased)
Margaret McCorkindale (Deceased) Mary Campbell
Archie McCallum, son, Knocknaha, Campbeltown
Death Jean McLean 16 Jul 1962 17 Longrow, Campbeltown, Argyll 72 Years F Alexander Graham (Deceased)
Margaret Barclay (Deceased) Donald McLean
Distillery Workman
D. McLean, widow
Death Mary Keith Fraser 15 Jul 1962 Witchburn Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll 80 Years F Daniel McNaughton Fraser (Deceased)
Agnes McCallum (deceased) Not Married
Archibald M. Fraser, brother
Death Malcolm Thomson
Coal Miner (Retired)
4 Dec 1961 12 Rhudal Cottages, Drumlemble, Campbeltown, Argyll 61 Years M Malcolm Thomson (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Kate Anderson (Deceased) Jeanie Blackstock
D. Q. Stalker, son-in-law, 31 Hillside Road, Campbeltown
Death Hugh Lynn
Hotel Proprietor (Retired)
28 Nov 1961 Cottage Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll 66 Years M John Lynn (Deceased)
General Labourer
Mary Whiteford (Deceased) Catherine Morrison
Alex Lynn, son, 11 Drumore Gardens, Campbeltown
Death Christina Wilson Angus 26 Nov 1961 Auchinlee Eventide Home, Campbeltown, Argyll 72 Years F James Angus (Deceased)
Isabella Taylor (Deceased) Not Married
Lily K. Turner, matron
Death Samuel Beaton
Bolt Work's Storeman
25 Nov 1961 Dalziel Street, Hamilton, Lanark 56 Years M Henry Beaton (deceased)
Coal Hewer
Mary Graham (deceased) Agnes Blake Paton Cooper
Robert Cooper, brother in law, 3 Woodfoot Rd., Hamilton