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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death John Lang
14 Feb 1959 Infirmary, Paisley, Renfrew 80 Years M Neil Lang (Deceased)
Mary Sillars Maggie Bell Fleming
Neil Lang, Son, 197 Sandy Road, Renfrew
Death Mary Mitchell 12 Jan 1959 5 North Shore Street, Campbeltown, Argyll 83 Years F Archibald Keith (Deceased)
Shipwright (Journeyman)
Barbara McTaggart (Deceased) William Sinclair Mitchell
James K. Mitchell, son
Death James Wardrope
Iron Dresser(Retired)
2 Aug 1958 8 Lockhart Place, Stonehouse, Lanark 65 Years M James Wardrope (Deceased)
Handloom Weaver
Grace Whitelaw (Deceased) Catherine McNeill
James Wardrope (Son)
Death Caroline Wilson 31 Jul 1958 County Hospital, Stonehouse, Lanark 82 Years F John Shearer (Deceased)
Quarry Worker
Agnes Torrance (Deceased) Archibald Wilson
Road Surface Worker
Thomas Wilson (Son) 2 Tennyson Drive, Tollcross, Glasgow
Death Allan Bain
Office Manager
29 Jul 1958 County Hospital, Stonehouse, Lanark 30 Years M Allan Bain
Locomotive Driver
Hannah Stephen (Deceased) Catherine Galbraith Watt
Catherine Bain (Widow) 37 Yarrowhill Drive, Yarrowhill
Death James Lang
28 Feb 1958 9 Lochend Street, Campbeltown, Argyll 64 Years M Duncan Lang (Deceased)
Isabella McKay (Deceased) Not Married
Neil Lang, Nephew, 132 Davaar Avenue, Campbeltown, Argyll
Death Daniel Black
Dairy Proprietor
20 Feb 1958 48 Main Street, Campbeltown, Argyll 76 Years M Duncan Black (Deceased)
Margaret Vetters (Deceased) Margaret McLellan
P. Macdougall, Son-In-Law, 26 Barclay Place, Campbeltown, Argyll
Death John McIntyre
General Labourer
17 Feb 1958 Cottage Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll 79 Years M John McGrath (Deceased)
Barbara McIntyre (Deceased)
Farm Servant
Susan Pirie
Douglas McIntyre, Son, 7 Princes Street, Campbeltown, Argyll
Death Isabella Galbraith 20 Dec 1957 Witchburn Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll 87 Years F John Richardson Ross (deceased)
Isabella Richardson (deceased) John Galbraith
Lilias Mathieson, Matron
Death James Duncan MacIntyre
Bricklayer (Journeyman)
19 Dec 1957 Cottage Hospital, Campbeltown (Usual residence - Parliament Place, Campbeltown) 58 Years M Duncan MacIntyre (deceased)
Farm Servant
Mary McEachran (deceased) Catherine Dallas
D. MacIntyre, Son, 185 Ralston Road, Campbeltown