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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death Peter Stewart
General Labourer
31 Oct 1956 146 Ralston Road, Campbeltown, Argyll 53 Years M Donald Stewart (Deceased)
Rabbit Trapper
Mary McLean (Deceased) Mary Campbell
D. Stewart, son
Death John McKerral
Mason (Retired)
23 Sep 1956 Auchaleck Cotttages, Campbeltown, Argyll 75 Years M Peter McKerral (Deceased)
Mary Curdie (Deceased) Elizabeth Watson Taylor
P. McKerral, son, Peninver, Campbeltown
Death James McAulay
General Labourer
17 Sep 1956 Cottage Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll 50 Years M George McAulay (Deceased)
Isabella Cook (Deceased) Not Married
Elizabeth Mitchell, sister, 17 Queen Street, Campbeltown
Death Hector McMillan
Fisherman (Retired)
16 Sep 1956 13 Princess Street, Campbeltown 67 Years M Neil McMillan (Deceased)
Agnes Thomson (Deceased) Agnes McPherson
Arch'd McMillan, son (illegible)
Death George Pratt Insh
History Lecturer (Retired)
19 Mar 1956 County Hospital, Stonehouse, Lanark 72 Years M George Insh (Deceased)
Commercial Traveller
Isabella Chalmers Smith (Deceased) Alice Louisa Dummer
A. Insh, daughter, Ardenvohr, Bothwell
Death James John Muir
Motor Mechanic
18 Mar 1956 County Hospital, Stonehouse, Lanark 73 Years M John Muir (Deceased)
Clara Kendall (Deceased) Jean Renton
James J. Muir, son, 4 Kelburne Drive, Paisley, Renfrew
Death Archibald Hamilton
Poultry Farmer
16 Mar 1956 Glenavon Farm, Stonehouse, Lanark 74 Years M John Hamilton (Deceased)
General Contractor
Mary Wilson (Deceased) Sarah Williamson
J Hamilton, son
Death Elizabeth Munro 13 Mar 1956 Aigas Lodge, Beauly, Kilmorack, Inverness 82 Years F Alexander Munro (Deceased)
Farm Servant
Elizabeth Sinclair (Deceased) Not Married
John Munro, son
Death Mary Grant 24 Feb 1956 Aigas Home, Beauly, Kilmorack, Inverness 77 Years F John Grant (Deceased)
Army Pensioner
Ann Grant (Deceased) Not Married
JW Grant, cousin, Gabrich, Kirkhill
Death Margaret Gow 20 Feb 1956 Aigas Home, Beauly, Kilmorack, Inverness 95 Years F Charles Blue (Deceased)
Carting Contractor
Elizabeth Black (Deceased) Robert Gow
Friend, Bruce Gardens, Inverness