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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death James Sharp Newlands
Slate and Plasterer (Master)
17 Dec 1957 29 Smith Drive, Campbeltown, Argyll 53 Years M George Newlands (deceased)
Quay Porter
Catherine Sharp (deceased) Catherine McCallum
John P. Newlands, Son, 26 Main Street, Campbeltown
Death Mary Clark 10 Dec 1957 Law Hospital, Carluke, Lanark 67 Years F James Hamilton (deceased)
Stone Mason
Sarah Wardrop (deceased) James Clark
Coal Miner
Agnes Sharp, sister, 2 Annsfield Road, Eddlewood.
Death Isabella McMillan 9 Nov 1957 92 Glasgow Road, Paisley, Renfrew 82 Years F George Scott (Deceased)
Fireclay Worker
Rose Ann Nisbet (Deceased) John McMillan
Electric Craneman
Isabella McMillan, daughter
Death Elizabeth Blue 8 Nov 1957 Infirmary, Paisley, Renfrew 64 Years F William Martin (Deceased)
Mary McTaggart (Deceased) Thomas Blue
Thomas Blue, widower
Death James Dunlop
6 Nov 1957 16 Alice Street, Paisley, Renfrew 76 Years M James Dunlop (Deceased)
Shawl Maker
Flora McGregor (Deceased) 1. Margaret Beith 2. Beryl Kathleen Barringer Williams Chapman
James Dunlop, son, 11 St. Guthlac Street, Hereford
Death Mary McMichael McAlister 27 Mar 1957 Calton Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll 56 Years F James McAlister (Deceased)
Agnes McMichael (Deceased) Not Married
Catherine Quigley, sister, 18 Harbour Street, Irvine, Ayr
Death Hector Mcllchere
Master Grocer (retired)
25 Mar 1957 Markland, Campbeltown, Argyll 80 Years M Joseph McIlchere (Deceased)
Shoemaker (Journeyman)
Catherine McNeill (Deceased) Sarah Campbell
Joseph McIlchere, son, Barochan House, Campbeltown
Death Archibald Wilson
Rabbit Trapper (retired)
24 Mar 1957 Witchburn Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll 90 Years M William Wilson (Deceased)
Helen McAllister (Deceased) Barbara McKinven
Margaret Muir, niece, 21 Wallace Cottages, Southend, Argyll
Death Dugald Campbell 7 Nov 1956 9 Kilkerran Road, Campbeltown, Argyll 62 Years M Robert Campbell (Deceased)
Jane McCallum (Deceased) Not Married
James Wylie, brother-in-law
Death Catherine McCallum 2 Nov 1956 120 Millknowe, Campbeltown, Argyll 78 Years F John McShannon (Deceased)
Janet McMillan (Deceased) Donald McCallum
John McCallum, son