Marriage for Robert Gardiner Glover

CollectionCivil Registers of Craigie, Ayr
Record typeMarriage
NameRobert Gardiner Glover
Marriage16 Jan 1885
PlaceHightree, Parish of Craigie
Age29 Years
ResidenceHall of Barnweill, Parish of Craigie
Father's nameHugh Glover
Father's occupationFarmer
Mother's nameElizabeth Douglas
Spouse's nameMary McCutcheon
Spouse's occupationDairy Maid
Spouse's age30 Years
Spouse's genderF
Spouse's statusSpinster
Spouse's residenceHightree, Parish of Craigie
Spouse's fatherThomas McCutcheon Labourer
Spouse's father's occupationLabourer
Spouse's motherJanet Orr (Deceased)
Marriage churchFree Church of Scotland
Marriage witnessesWilliam Glover, Mary Allan