Death for David Hillis

CollectionCivil Registers of Stevenston, Ayr
Record typeDeath
NameDavid Hillis
Death3 Feb 1937
Place37 New Street, Stevenston
Age57 Years
OccupationWine and Spirit Merchant
Notewife's surname difficult to read
Father's nameJohn Hillis (Deceased)
Father's occupationWine and Spirit Merchant
Mother's nameMary McCann (Deceased)
Spouse's nameMary Parker (s)
Spouse's genderF
Death causeNephritis (7 Months) Arterio Sclerosis
Death informantArthur McQuillan (Brother in Law)
Death registrationFebruary 3, 1937 at Stevenston
Notewife's surname difficult to read