Marriage for David Clarkson

Record type:Civil Registers
Name:David Clarkson
Marriage:1874 Jul 28
Place:Auchengray, Parish of Carnwath, Lanark
Age:20 Years
Residence:Auchengray, Parish of Carnwath
Occupation:Engine Keeper at a Colliery
Father's name:John Clarkson
Father's occupation:Brickmaker
Mother's name:Catherine Copeland
Spouse's name:Janet Malcolm
Spouse's occupation:Farm Servant
Spouse's age:18 Years
Spouse's gender:F
Spouse's status:Spinster
Spouse's residence:Haywood, Parish of Carnwath
Spouse's father:Alexander Malcolm (Deceased) Coal Miner
Spouse's father's occupation:Coal Miner
Spouse's mother:Mary Dykes
Marriage church:The Church of Scotland
Marriage witnesses:John Clarkson, Elizabeth Malcolm