Marriage for William James Gordon Cumming

CollectionCivil Registers of Blackfriars, Glasgow, Lanark
Record typeMarriage
NameWilliam James Gordon Cumming
Marriage23 Apr 1895
PlaceArgyle Hall, Duke St., Glasgow, Lanark
Age30 Years
Residence176 Stirling Road, Glasgow
Father's nameArchibald Cumming
Father's occupationRailway Carter
Mother's nameElizabeth McDonald
Spouse's nameJane Brown Smellie
Spouse's age28 Years
Spouse's genderF
Spouse's statusSpinster
Spouse's residence19 Fisher Street, Glasgow
Spouse's fatherAndrew Smellie Blacksmith (Foreman)
Spouse's father's occupationBlacksmith (Foreman)
Spouse's motherGrace Brown (Formerly: Kerr) (Deceased)
Marriage churchFree Church of Scotland
Marriage witnessesJames Smellie, Annie Lumgair