Marriage for William Brown

CollectionCivil Registers of High Church, Glasgow
Record typeMarriage
NameWilliam Brown
Marriage13 Jun 1862
PlaceDunchallan Manse, Glasgow, Lanark
Age25 Years
Residence4 Shuttle Lane, Glasgow
OccupationCooper (Journeyman)
Father's nameJohn Brown
Father's occupationHandloom Weaver
Mother's nameCatherine Muir
Spouse's nameCatherine Brebner
Spouse's occupationDomestic Servant
Spouse's age20 Years
Spouse's genderF
Spouse's statusSpinster
Spouse's residence10 Shuttle Lane, Glasgow
Spouse's fatherRobert Brebner Book Folder
Spouse's father's occupationBook Folder
Spouse's motherMary Nairn
Marriage churchChurch of Scotland
Marriage witnessesJohn Brown, Robert Brebner