Marriage for John Beattie

CollectionCivil Registers of Polmont, Stirling
Record typeMarriage
NameJohn Beattie
Marriage29 Jun 1883
PlaceWhiteside Loan, Polmont, Stirling
Age24 Years
OccupationCanal Boatman
Father's nameJohn Brownfield (Reputed Father)
Father's occupationMason (Journeyman)
Mother's nameHelen Waddell Beattie (Deceased)
Spouse's nameJane Turnball
Spouse's occupationFarm Worker
Spouse's age22 Years
Spouse's genderF
Spouse's statusSpinster
Spouse's residenceWhiteside Loan, Polmont
Spouse's fatherJohn Turnball (Deceased) Canal Boatman
Spouse's father's occupationCanal Boatman
Spouse's motherLilias Stewart
Marriage churchFree Church of Scotland
Marriage witnessesJames Beattie, Isabella Galloway