Marriage for Harold John Cornwell

CollectionCivil Registers of Rhu
Record typeMarriage
NameHarold John Cornwell
Marriage14 Jul 1939
PlaceThe Manse, Shandon, Rhu, Dunbarton
Age31 Years
ResidenceNorth Lodge, Shandon House, Shandon
OccupationLocomotive Engineer
Father's nameThomas Cornwell
Father's occupationButler
Mother's nameCatherine Phillip
Spouse's nameEuphemia Blackstock
Spouse's age31 Years
Spouse's genderF
Spouse's statusSpinster
Spouse's residenceShandon, Innellan
Spouse's fatherDuncan Blackstock Farmer (Retired)
Spouse's father's occupationFarmer (Retired)
Spouse's motherEuphemia Hyslop (Deceased)
Marriage churchChurch of Scotland
Marriage witnessesChristina Crawford, Bank Cottage, Dunoon, Robert Walker, Glasgow Road, Dunbarton