Marriage for Hugh McCracken

CollectionCivil Registers of Craigie, Ayr
Record typeMarriage
NameHugh McCracken
Marriage3 Mar 1865
PlaceBalliestone, Parish of Craigie, Ayr
Age22 Years
ResidenceDreghorn, Ayr
Father's nameJames McCracken
Father's occupationBlacksmith
Mother's nameMargaret Johnston
Spouse's nameMary Calderwood
Spouse's occupationDairymaid
Spouse's age24 Years
Spouse's genderF
Spouse's statusSpinster
Spouse's residenceBallieston, Parish of Craigie, Ayr
Spouse's fatherJames Calderwood (Deceased) Toll Collector
Spouse's father's occupationToll Collector
Spouse's motherMargaret Lamont (Deceased)
Marriage churchEstablished Church of Scotland
Marriage witnessesJames McCracken, Thomas Parker