Marriage for Charles Wyllie

CollectionCivil Registers of St. Mary, Dundee
Record typeMarriage
NameCharles Wyllie
Marriage11 Nov 1876
Place9 Ward Road, Dundee
Age39 Years
StatusWidower (of Jane Martin)
Residence39 Barrow Street, Arbroath
OccupationFactory Labourer
Father's nameThomas Wyllie (Deceased)
Father's occupationFarm Servant
Mother's nameJessie McKenzie
Spouse's nameAnn Glenny
Spouse's occupationFactory Hand Preparer
Spouse's age40 Years
Spouse's genderF
Spouse's statusSpinster
Spouse's residence69 Ladyloan, Arbroath
Spouse's fatherJohn Glenny (Deceased) Jeweller
Spouse's father's occupationJeweller
Spouse's motherElizabeth Anderson (Deceased)
Marriage witnessesFaraday Mitchell (Newspaper Machineman) 3 paterson St. and Mary