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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Donald Stewart
Drapery Salesman
27 Dec 1959 Near Kilmaho Farm by Campbeltown, Argyll 32 Years M Peter Stewart (Deceased)
General Labourer
Mary Campbell Margaret Ross Mitchell
Neil C. Stewart, brother, 146 Ralston Road, Campbeltown

Death Isabella Cannell 5 Jul 1948 Tangy Glen, Kilchenzie, Argyll 84 years F Archibald Milloy (Deceased)
Flora Downie (Deceased) Duncan McCannell
Duncan McCannell, son

Death Margaret McMillan Kerr 26 Jun 1948 Tangy Bridge, Tangy, Kilchenzie, Argyll 64 years F James Kerr (Deceased)
Master Gardener
Mary Macdonald (Deceased) Malcolm Blue
Mary C.McPherson, cousin. Schoolhouse,Glenbarr,Tarbert, Argyll

Death Catherine McLachlan 13 Jun 1948 Crubesdale Farm, Muasdale, Killean and Kilchenzie, Argyll 77 Years F Hugh Stewart (Deceased)
Anne Bell (Deceased) John McLachlan
Alexander McLachlan, son

Death John McNeill
5 May 1944 Tayinloan, Killean, Argyll 57 Years M Hector McNeill (Deceased)
Annabella Cowan (Deceased) Not Married
James McNeill, cousin

Death Margaret McDougall Thomson
18 Apr 1944 Bridge Home, Muasdale, Killean, Argyll 54 Years F Lachlan Dugald Thomson (Deceased)
Catherine McDougall (Deceased) Not Married
John Park, brother-in law, Glenbarr.

Death Morris McSporran McCallum
5 Apr 1944 Tangy, Kilchenzie, Argyll 15 Years M Morris McSporran McCallum
Flora McCallum Not Married
Morris McSporran McCallum, father

Death William Cook
Road Contractor (Retired)
19 Aug 1943 Killean Cottages, Killean, Argyll 89 Years M Not Given Ann Cook Janet Stewart
William Cook, son, Kirkland Park, Darvel, Ayr

Death Robert McKinnon 9 Apr 1943 Rhunahaorine, Tayinloan, Killean, Argyll 61 Years M Alexander McKinnon (Deceased)
Margaret Littleson (Deceased) Not Married
Duncan McKinnon, brother, Rosehill Farm, Glenbarr

Marriage John Andrew Levay
Chartered Accountant
9 Apr 1943 Truasdale Inn, Killean, Argyll 32 Years M John Levay
Chartered Accountant
Annie Hendrey Don Margaret Colville MacLean
33 Years John MacLean
Estate Worker
Flora Martin