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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death William Wallace
Haulage Motor Driver
30 Sep 1953 17 Glebe Terrace, Fenwick, Ayr 53 Years M William Wallace (Deceased)
Grain Miller
Agnes Guthrie Isabella Hill Burns
William Wallace (Son), 61 Knockinlaw Road, Kilmarnock, Ayr

Death Mary Sinclair Cameron 22 Sep 1953 Dunselma, Fenwick, Ayr 87 Years F Kenneth Cameron (Deceased)
Christina Collins (Deceased) James Cameron
Civil Engineer
Ewan Cameron (Son), North Manse, Penicuik

Death John Gibson
Farmer (Retired)
1 Aug 1953 Viewfield, Fenwick, Ayr 90 Years M Samuel Gibson (Deceased)
Mary Young (Deceased) Mary Jane Harvey
A H McFadzean (Nephew), Dalcraith Farm, Fenwick, Ayr

Death Agnes Ricket 17 Jun 1896 Raithmoore, Fenwick, Ayr 61 Years F John Young (Deceased)
Ann Dunlop (Deceased) David Bicket
David Bicket (Husband)

Death Janet Cunningham
27 May 1896 High Fenwick, Fenwick, Ayr 33 Years F Thomas Cunningham (Deceased)
Janet Dickie (Deceased) Single
Elizabeth Cunningham (Sister)

Death John Lyle Wardrop
3 May 1896 West Pokelly, Fenwick, Ayr 82 Years M John Wardrop (Deceased)
Mary Wallace (Deceased) Janet Lindsay
Robert Lindsay Wardrop (Son)

Death Maggie Smith
Farm Servant
29 Oct 1883 Fenwick, Ayr 17 Years F Mungo Smith
Elizabeth Wilson Single
John Smith (Father)

Death James Taylor
General Labourer
21 Oct 1883 High Fenwick, Fenwick, Ayr 77 Years M James Taylor (Deceased)
Mary Muir (Deceased) Jean Watt
Jean Taylor (Widow)

Death David Wardrop
24 Sep 1883 West Pokelly, Fenwick, Ayr 23 Years M John Lyle Wardrop
Janet Lindsay Single
Robert Lindsay Wardrop (Brother)

Marriage William Thomson
27 Dec 1872 Artnock, Fenwick, Ayr 25 Years M Alexander Thomson
Stocking Weaver
Janet Wardrop Sarah Reid
Dairy Maid
22 Years John Reid
Sarah McMillan