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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death Janet Kerr 25 Aug 1888 Crookhill, Beith 34 Years F Peter Clark
Agnes Paterson William Kerr
Wm Kerr (Widower)
Death Catherine Lauder 24 Aug 1888 Head Street, Beith, ayr 51 Years F John Roy (Deceased) Janet Houston (Deceased) Alexander Lauder
Underground Manager
Janet Davidson (Daughter), her x mark
Death John Connell 22 Aug 1888 Barrmill, Beith 3 Months M James Connell
Flax Dresser
Ann Dairs Infant Death
James Connell (Father)
Birth Helen Kirkwood 16 Aug 1884 Townhead, Beith, Ayr F John Kirkwood
Store Keeper
Catherine Wallace
4 Jan 1882
Beith, Ayr
Birth Jane Walker 16 Aug 1884 New Street, Beith, Ayr F David Walker
Shoemaker (Master)
Mary Allan previously Craig
21 Jan 1868
Beith, Ayr
Birth Martha Crawford Reid Gray 15 Aug 1884 High Balgray, Beith, Ayr F John Gray
Agricultural Labourer
Martha Crawford Reid
7 Sep 1866
Dalry, Ayr
Birth James Kevan 20 Jun 1881 Barrmill, Beith M William John Kevan
Threadmill Heckle Maker
Margaret Dempster
27 Apr 1877
Beith, Ayr
Birth Mary Ryburn 19 Jun 1881 Willowyard Row, Beith, Ayr F Andrew Ryburn
Blacksmith (Journeyman)
Janet Fisher
8 Dec 1865
Dalry, Ayr
Birth Charles John Dumbleton 19 Jun 1881 9 Mains Road, Beith, Ayr M Charles Dumbleton
Cabinet Maker (Journeyman)
Eliza Matthew
18 Nov 1875
St. Marks, Regent Street, London