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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Frank Collins
Retired Coal Miner
24 Apr 1946 49 Shawland Street, Catrine 46 Years M Francis Collins (Deceased)
Coal Pit Labourer
Mary McDiarmid (Deceased) Jane Jones
Francis Collins (Son) Brewland Street, Galston

Death John Ferguson
General Labourer
9 Apr 1946 14 Mill Street, Catrine 53 Years M Luke Ferguson
Coal Miner
Mary McShane (Deceased) Marion Paterson
P Ferguson (Son) 5 High Street, Kilmarnock

Death Elizabeth McCartney 2 Apr 1946 8 St. Cuthbert Street, Catrine 78 Years F William Logan (Deceased)
Ironstone Miner
Margaret Reid (Deceased) Samuel McCartney
Agnes S Logan (Neice) 8 Gordon Street, Ayr

Death Elizabeth Harvey 15 May 1940 23 Ford Street, Catrine 70 Years F James Collins (Deceased)
Janet Patrick (Deceased) Hugh Harvey
Retired Coal Merchant
Hugh Harvey (Widower)

Death David Davidson Haining 4 May 1940 6 Mill Street, Catrine, Ayr 1 Year M Peter Cavenu Haining
Mill Worker (Private in 73rd Royal Scots Fusiliers)
Annie Davidson Infant Death
(Uncle) Shawlands Street, Catrine

Death Annie McGarry 14 Apr 1940 760 Operative Avenue, Catrine 73 Years F James Logie (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Jane Dunton (Deceased) (1) John McNulty (Coal Miner) (2) John McGarry (Retired Coal Miner)
Thomas McGarry (Son) 18 Ford Street, Catrine

Death Edith Hume Paterson 8 Mar 1936 7 Mill Street, Catrine 3 Days F James Paterson
Coal Miner
Agnes Hagton? Dalziel Lyons Infant Death
James Paterson (Father)

Death Hugh Fowler
Coal Miner
7 Mar 1936 16 Mill Street, Catrine 61 Years M Patrick Fowler (Deceased)
General Labourer
Mary Allan (Deceased) Minnie Kennedy
David Fowler (Son)

Death Agnes Ferguson 19 Feb 1936 10 Mill Square, Catrine 62 Years F James Collins (Deceased)
Jessie Patrick (Deceased) John Ferguson
George Ferguson (Son) 11 Mill Street, Catrine

Marriage James Anderson Robertson
Coal Miner
30 Dec 1927 Newton, Catrine, Ayr 24 Years M James Robertson
Margaret Anderson Elizabeth Murphy McFadyean
Cotton Weaver
19 Years Allan McFadyean
Colliery Surfaceman
Isabella Kerr