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Event Name Date Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Parents marriage Age Gender Spouse and occupation Death informant
Birth James Aird Scoular 17 May 1902 Jamieson Terrace, Newmilns, Loudoun, Ayr Thomas Scoular
Lace Warehouseman
Christina Aird 4 Nov 1898
Darvel, Ayr
Birth Barbara Law Marshall 16 May 1902 Loudoun Road, Newmilns, Loudoun, Ayr John Marshall
Line Twister
Barbara Purdie 11 Jul 1899
Newmilns, Loudoun, Ayr
Birth James Allan Brown 12 May 1902 Union Street, Newmilns, Loudoun, Ayr James Brown
Mason (Journeyman)
Agnes Allan 16 Jul 1897
Newmilns, Loudoun, Ayr
Death William Parker
19 Nov 1901 Back Street, Newmilns, Ayr William Parker (Deceased)
Card Cutter
Mary Young (Deceased) 74 Years M Mary Borland
George Parker (Son)
Death Nicol Brown
Muslin Weaver
18 Nov 1901 High Street, Newmilns, Ayr Hugh Brown (Deceased)
Muslin Weaver
Janet Morton (Deceased) 78 Years M Martha Howie
William Morton (Step Grandson) 15 Grey Street, Newmilns
Death Martha Ireland 16 Nov 1901 Glen Terrace, Townhead, Darvel, Ayr William Rutherford
Engineman in Lace Factory
Margaret Gemmell 41 Years F Alexander Ireland
Carpet Weaver
Alex Ireland (Widower)
Birth Alexandra May Jackson Allan 23 Apr 1901 Edith Street, Darvel William Allan
Leno Dreser
Catherine Jackson Nov 1885
Darvel, Ayr
Birth Janet Morton 17 Apr 1901 East Main Street, Darvel, Ayr Alexander Morton
Lace Weaver
Mary Campbell 9 Oct 1896
Darvel, Ayr
Birth Margaret Wilkie Earl (Illeg) 15 Apr 1901 John Street, Galston, Ayr Not Given Mary Earl
Curtain Folder
Birth William Hunter 1 Jan 1899 Greenside, Newmilns, Ayr John Hunter
Tailor (Master)
Margaret Smith (illegible) 31 Dec 1897
Stanhop, Durham