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Event Name Date Age Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Parents marriage
Marriage Archibald McDowall
Seaman (Merchant Service)
23 Feb 1933 23 Years Anderston, St. Martin's Church, Glasgow, Lanark Archibald McDowall
Shoemaker (Journeyman)
Jane McCulloch Ferguson Kate Lavinia
Domestic Servant
Lloyd John Henry Lloyd
Railway Goods Porter
Jessie Wallace Chalmers (Deceased)
Marriage Roderick MacLeod
19 Feb 1931 30 Years 216 West Regent Street, Anderston, Glasgow, Lanark Malcolm MacLeod
Dolina MacLeod Margaret MacAulay
Domestic Servant
32 Years Lachlan MacAulay (Deceased)
Ship Carpenter
Mary Macdonald (Deceased)
Marriage Donald McMillan McGeachy
Dispatch Clerk
17 Feb 1931 34 Years 415 St. Vincent Street, Anderston, Glasgow, Lanark Lachlan McGeachy (Deceased)
Helen McMillan Annie Falconer Tait Sinclair
Cake Packer
27 Years Alexander Tait Sinclair
Railway Platelayer
Jane McKane
Marriage Willie Lister
Hall Porter, Army Pensioner
30 Nov 1918 37 Years St. Columba Parish Church, Anderston District, Glasgow, Lanark Walter Lister
Cloth Mill Worker
Rachel Fearnley Margaret Smith Sinclair
Domestic Servant
37 Years James Sinclair
Margaret Sinclair
Marriage John O'May
Labourer (Cleansing Department)
29 Nov 1918 32 Years Anderston Parish Church, Glasgow, Lanark John O'May
Elizabeth Smith Margaret McMillan
33 Years Archibald McMillan
Margaret Blackstock (Deceased)
Marriage Thomas K. Groves
Ship Caulker, 13th Mechanic (Royal Air Force)
25 Nov 1918 18 Years 4 Minerva Street, Glasgow, Lanark James Groves (Deceased)
Ship Plater
Mary Lettuce Margaret McDowall
18 Years Archibald McDowall
Bootmaker (Sergeant 19th Batt )
Jean Ferguson
Marriage James Alex McCutcheon
Farmer (Private 3rd Batt, Seaforth Highlander)
25 Nov 1918 27 Years 4 Minerva Street, Glasgow, Lanark William McCutcheon
Elizabeth Thomson Margaret Ross Evans
26 Years Thomas Brough Evans (Deceased)
Ship Yard Under Manager
Agnes Wither Ross (Deceased)
Birth James Blue 2 Mar 1904 30 Blantyre Street, Anderston, Lanark Archibald Blue
Brassfinisher (Journeyman)
Catherine Coubrough Henderson

28 Oct 1898
Anderston, Lanark
Birth John Sutherland 1 Mar 1904 4 Whitehall Street, Anderston, Lanark John Sutherland
Sawmill Labourer
Martha Allan Stevenson

22 Nov 1901
Anderston, Lanark
Marriage Joseph Thorburn Jamieson
Mason (Journeyman)
28 Oct 1898 38 Years 9 Russell Place, Anderston, Glasgow David Jamieson (Deceased)
Commercial Traveller
Margaret Scoullar (Deceased) Jessie Scott or Jamieson
28 Years Robert Scott
File Cutter (Journeyman)
Marion Niven (Deceased)