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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death William Anderson
Underground Fireman
12 Sep 1943 Douglas Street, Blantyre, Lanark 64 Years M Alexander Anderson (deceased)
Coal Miner
Barbara Higgans (deceased) Margaret Hamilton
Alex Anderson, son, 21 Larkhall Street, East Kilbride, Lanark

Death Andrew Mair (formerly Andrew Fleming)
Coal Hewer
11 Sep 1943 Craigmuir Road, Blantyre, Lanark 71 Years M Robert Fleming (deceased)
Handloom Weaver
Mary Docherty (deceased) Cotton Spinner 1. Frances 2. Christina Meldrum or Douglas
John Douglas, step son, 115 Burnside Crescent, Blantyre, Lanark

Death David Clarkson
Colliery Engine Keeper
27 Sep 1918 5 Priestfield Terrace, Blantyre, Lanark 65 Years M John Clarkson (Deceased)
Foreman Brick Worker
Catherine Copeland (Deceased) Janet Malcolm
John Wardrope (Son in Law) 4 Glasgow Rd., Blantyre

Death Margaret Anderson 25 Sep 1918 Knightswood Terrace, Stration Rd., Blantyre, Lanark 34 Years F Thomas Russell
Coal Miner
Mary Jamieson Alexander Anderson
Ship's Plater
Alexander Anderson (Widower)

Death Agnes Devine
Domestic Servant
22 Sep 1918 40 Hall Street, Blantyre, Lanark 18 Years F Patrick Devine (Deceased)
Journeyman Mason
Mary Ferns Single
John Devine (Brother)

Death Robert Wardrop
Pit Bottomer
22 Oct 1877 Number 2 Pit, Deacon's Colliery 37 Years M James Wardrop
Master Tailor (Deceased)
Violet Baird (Deceased) Margaret Hamilton
Catherine Westwood (Niece) 75 Merry's Row, Blantyre

Marriage Gavin Scoular
Silk & Cotton Handloom Weaver
30 Jul 1858 Blantyre, Lanark 54 Years M John Scoular
Silk & Cotton Handloom Weaver
Margaret Hamilton Ann Leggat
42 Years Matthew Leggat
Margaret Gilmour