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Event Name Date Age Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Marriage Gavin Brown Fleming
10 Jun 1929 29 Years Douglas Hotel, Glasgow, Lanark James Fleming
Restauranteur (Retired)
Janet Brown Jean Campbell Alford
25 Years Robert Alford
Trunk Manufacturer
Mary Carson
Marriage Charles McMillan
Red Leader
19 Sep 1927 35 Years 21 Hope Street, Glasgow, Blythwood, Lanark John McMillan (Deceased)
Mary Morrison (Deceased) Sarah Hume
Yam Picker
24 Years James Hume
Foundry Labourer
Marion Somerville Thomson
Marriage Robert Walker Pringle
Bank Teller
1 Apr 1927 27 Years Bath Hotel, Glasgow, Lanark William Pringle
Plumber (Master)
Christina Robertson (Deceased) Ina Buglass
27 Years Simpson Burglass
Locomotive Foreman (Retired)
Helen Blackstock
Marriage James Armour McCallum
Bank Teller
31 Mar 1927 38 Years Douglas Hotel, Glasgow William McCallum (Deceased)
Mary Jane Armour Teena Brunton
35 Years Gines Henderson Brunton (Deceased)
Commission Agent
Margaret Eliza Paton
Marriage William Anderson
Dock Labourer
20 Mar 1927 48 Years St Andrew's Cathedral, Glasgow, Lanark John Anderson (deceased)
Dock Labourer
Annie Kelly Ann Jane Spence or Murphy
60 Years William Spence (deceased)
Wood Lawyer
Barbara Rae (deceased)
Marriage Alexander McMillan
18 Mar 1927 22 Years 10 Tarbet Street, Glasgow, Lanark David McMillan (deceased)
Christina McMillan (deceased) Jane Campbell MacDonald
Dairy Assistant
27 Years Lachlan MacDonald (deceased)
Ship Fireman
Elizabeth McLean
Marriage James Reilly
Drapery Warehouseman
2 Jul 1926 28 Years 83 Dundas Street, Glasgow, Lanark James Reilly
Stone Mason
Mary McLoughlin (Deceased) Agnes Douglas McColm
Drapery Salesman
24 Years David McColm
Barbara Curle Douglas
Marriage David Cunningham
Commercial Traveller
2 Jul 1926 35 Years Douglas Hotel, Glasgow, Lanark Andrew Cunningham (Deceased)
Elizabeth Whan Helen McDougall Durnin
Hardware Shop Assistant
35 Years Charles Durnin
Janet Mathieson
Marriage William Hamilton Wotherspoon
Cartwright (Apprentice)
15 Nov 1924 18 Years 19 Howard Street, Glasgow, Lanark John Wotherspoon
Margaret Lambie Minnie Mildred Langford Kelsey
Sewing Machinist
19 Years William Henry Kelsey
Wine Worker
Mary Cook
Marriage John Kyle
Coal Miner
15 Nov 1924 53 Years 7 Bridgegate, Glasgow, Lanark Richard Kyle (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Jane Miller (Deceased) Sophia McNicol
34 Years William McNicol (Deceased)
Tubework Labourer
Sophia Pratt