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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Margaret Taylor 11 May 1953 25 Whitefaud, Maybole, Ayr 65 Years F James Brown (Deceased)
Margaret Leckie (Deceased) (1) Alexander Lambie (Shepherd) (2) James Taylor (Ploughman)
James Taylor (Son) Lagg College, Dunure

Death David Martin
Police Constable (Retired)
3 May 1953 10 Kirkland Street, Maybole, Ayr 66 Years M Alexander Martin (Deceased)
Janet Ross (Deceased) (1) Alice Shaw (2) Agnes Hamilton Galloway
Agnes Martin (Widow)

Death William McBride
Shoemaker (Journeyman) Retired
14 Apr 1953 29 Castle Street, Maybole,Ayr 83 Years M William McBride (Deceased)
Margaret Peebles (Deceased) Single
John McDowall (Nephew) 6 Vicarland, Maybole, Ayr

Death Robert Kidd
Shoemaker (Journeyman)
18 Dec 1924 5 Duncanland, Maybole, Ayr 28 Years M George Kidd (Deceased)
Shoemaker (Journeyman)
Elizabeth Kennedy (Deceased) Single
Samuel McCulloch (Brother in Law) 5 Drumellan Street, Maybole

Death Mary Sproat 11 Dec 1924 Laugh Kylestone Cottages, Maybole, Ayr 76 Years F James Wardrop (Deceased)
Margaret Blue (Deceased) James Sproat
John Wallace (Intimate Friend) Laigh, Kylestone Farm, Maybole

Death Christina Hunter 10 Dec 1924 30 Kirkoswald Road, Maybole, Ayr 63 Years F William Brown (Deceased)
Carrier (Foreman)
Margaret Marshall Wilson (Deceased) Allan Hunter
Blacksmith (Journeyman)
Allan Hunter (Widower)

Birth Agnes McWhirter Watt Campbell 20 Aug 1899 Barlewan, Maybole, Ayr F William Campbell
Farm Servant
Agnes Watt
12 Jul 1895
Kirkoswald, Ayr

Birth Maggie Brackenridge 10 Aug 1899 2 Abbot Street, Maybole, Ayr F Thomas Brackenridge
Shoemaker (Journeyman)
Jeanie Brandon James
31 Mar 1899
Maybole, Ayr

Birth Robert McVey 10 Aug 1899 East Enoch, Maybole, Ayr M Robert McVey
Farm Manager
Jessie Previously McJannet, M.S. Herron
28 Apr 1899
Maybole, Ayr

Marriage James Montgomery Wilson
Wholesale Stationer
6 Jun 1899 Parish Church, Maybole, Ayr 30 years M John Wilson (Deceased)
Wholesale Stationer
Louisa Hilliard Mary Keith Flett
26 years David Flett
Boot and Shoe Manufacturer
Eliza Gray