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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death Mary Clark 10 Dec 1957 Law Hospital, Carluke, Lanark 67 Years F James Hamilton (deceased)
Stone Mason
Sarah Wardrop (deceased) James Clark
Coal Miner
Agnes Sharp, sister, 2 Annsfield Road, Eddlewood.
Death Andrew Watson
Coal Screeman
29 Oct 1915 Kirktonhall, 14 Clyde Street, Carluke, Lanark 61 Years M Robert Wilson (deceased)
Alice Black (deceased) Margaret Lammie
William Coubrough, Step-Son-In-Law
Death William Smith
29 Oct 1915 3 Wilson Row, Law, Carluke, Lanark 63 Years M George Smith (deceased)
Thread Mill Worker
Agnes not given (deceased) 1. Helen Cummings 2. Mary Ann Hawthorne
Marion Salmond, daughter, 27 Wilsons Row, Law, Carluke, Lanark
Death Rose Baillie 23 Oct 1915 Dunivor, Home Street, Carluke, Lanark 68 Years F Donald Bannatyne (deceased)
Spirit Merchant
Susan Keith (deceased) William Baillie
John Bradford, Medical Attendant
Death Mary Inglis 1 Oct 1902 Clyde Street, Carluke, Lanark 77 Years F James Tennent (Deceased)
Jane Vallance (Deceased) John Inglis
Coal Miner
James Inglis, Son, Milton Cottage, Blantyre
Death James Cadzow
General Labourer
27 Sep 1902 Clyde Street, Carluke, Lanark 59 Years M William Cadzow (Deceased)
Ironstone Miner
Isabella Hill (Deceased) Jeanie Morton
Archibald M. Cadzow, Son
Death Thomas Brown
Pit Oversman
20 Sep 1902 Braidwood, Carluke, Lanark 54 Years M James Brown (Deceased)
Letterpress Printer
Mary Bow (Deceased) 1. Flora McDougall 2. Grace Waddell
Agnes Goth, Sister, 10 Crawford Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Elizabeth McCabe Sharpe 10 Apr 1900 Mountstewart, Carluke, Lanark F Walter Sharpe
Coal Miner
Elizabeth McCabe
20 Feb 1891
Kilmarnock, Ayr
Birth Maggie Lauder Lambie 24 Mar 1900 Fairview, Low Junction, Carluke, Lanark F William Lambie
Janet Graham Good
Sep 1897
Carluke, Lanark
Birth Thomas Duncan Ross Archer 22 Mar 1900 Howlands, Carluke, Lanark M Thomas Archer
Mary Paterson
31 Dec 1891
Carluke, Lanark