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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death John McNeill
Grocery Warehouseman
17 May 1953 Victoria's Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 51 Years M Not Given Annie McLellan McNeill
Cap Finisher
Elizabeth Brannigan
Angus McNeill, son, 13 Robson Street, Glasgow
Death Donald Blue
Grocer - Retired
16 May 1953 Victoria's Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 87 Years M Gilbert Blue (Deceased)
Engine Keeper
Margaret Paterson (Deceased) Mary Drummond
Mary Moore , Daughter, 67 Gladsmuir Road, Glasgow
Death Peter Flynn
Engine's Labourer
16 May 1953 Victoria's Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 52 Years M Peter Flyman (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Margaret Barrett MS: Hughes (Deceased) Mary Ann Gorman
Peter Flynn, son, 48 Muirshiel Crescent, Glasgow
Death Mary Crawford
Post Office Superintendent (Retired)
15 Mar 1947 45 Kings Park Rd., Glasgow, Lanark 79 Years F Andrew Crawford (Deceased)
Anne Lindsay (Deceased) Single
M.M. MacAndrew Smith (Sister),40 Polnoon Street, Eaglesham
Death Cissie McDowall 15 Mar 1947 Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 52 Years F John Bellamy (Deceased)
Farm Worker
Agnes Afterwards: Scott MS: Lees (Deceased) James McDowall
Grocer's Assistant
James McDowall (Widower) ,52 Lesmahagow Rd Strathaven
Death John Fisher
General Merchant, Manager (Retired)
13 Mar 1947 Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 63 Years M Robert Fisher (Deceased)
Isabella McGeachin (Deceased) Jemina Smellie Prentice Inglis
Jemina Fisher (Widow) 109 Bentwick Drive, Troon
Death Alexander Whyte Scott
Grocer (Master) (Retired)
4 Apr 1941 Largie Road, Glasgow, Lanark 64 years M Claude Brownlie Scott (deceased)
Sand Quarry Manager
Agnes Whyte (deceased) Mary Manuel Shearer
Annie W. Scott, daughter
Death Benjamin Marshall
Spice Merchant
14 Jan 1933 Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 57 Years M Benjamin Marshall (Deceased)
Mason (Journeyman)
Jane Davie (Deceased) Mary Sharp
Walter Sharp Marshall (Son) 233 Homlea Rd., Glasgow
Death Robina McDonald 14 Jan 1933 64 Cromarty Avenue, Glasgow 63 Years F William Anderson (Deceased)
Railway Surfaceman
Mary Stoddart (Deceased) James McDonald
Railway Station Master
James McDonald (Widower)
Death Mary Baird 14 Jan 1933 1101 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow 78 Years F George Wright (Deceased)
Coal Merchant
Jane Knox (Deceased) James Baird
Street Lamplighter
James Baird (Son) 2 Macdougall Street, Glasgow