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Event Name Date Age Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Gender Death informant Parents marriage
Marriage John Byrne
Drawer in Coal Pit
25 Sep 1930 22 Years St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Craigneuk, Dalziel, Lanark Henry Byrne
Steelwork Boiler Stoker
Mary Jane Knox Rose Jane Thompson
Outdoor Worker
20 Years John Thompson
Shoemaker (Deceased)
Catherine Jardine
Marriage Francis Morgan
Confectioner's Assistant
22 Sep 1930 23 Years Roman Catholic Church, Motherwell, Lanark Not Given Isabella Morgan
Domestic Servant
Jeanie McIntyre
Domestic Servant
22 Years John McIntyre (Deceased)
Steelwork Labourer
Agnes McPhee
Marriage William Barr
Iron moulder (Journeyman)
20 Apr 1923 38 Years St Andrews Manse, Motherwell, Dalziel, Lanark John Barr (Deceased)
Railway Engine Drier
Janet Clark Janet Cumming Law
26 Years Thomas Law
Stationary Engine Keeper
Margaret Bruce Mitchell
Marriage John Smith
Coal Miner
20 Apr 1923 22 Years Craigneuk Manse, Motherwell, Dalziel, Lanark Abraham Smith (Deceased)
Iron worker
Sophia Mays Maria Halford Smillie
17 Years William Smillie
Coal Miner
Maria Halford
Death Jessie Blackstock 20 Feb 1921 65 Years Elizaville, Crawford St., Motherwell, Dalziel Parish James Blackstock (Deceased)
Land Steward
Elizabeth Montgomery (Deceased) Single

F J.Blackstock (Brother), 31 Thistle St., Motherwell
Death John Shanks Suttie
18 Feb 1921 74 Years 162 Windmillhill St., Motherwell, Dalziel Parish David Suttie (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Elizabeth Shanks (Deceased) Jeanie Torrance Prentice

M Robt P Suttie (Son) 122 Windmillhill St., Motherwell
Death Janet Sneddon 18 Feb 1921 42 Years 25 Camp St., Motherwell, Dalziel Parish Thomas Crichton Thomson (Deceased)
Steelwork Labourer
Margaret Wyper Hugh Sneddan
Coal Miner

F Hugh Sneddon (Widower)
Birth Mary Stodart Brown 29 Oct 1897 Orbiston St., Motherwell, Parish of Dalziel, Lanark Archibald Brown
Colliery Fireman
Beatrice Mayes

F 24 Apr 1895
Dalziel, Lanark
Birth Lilias Cumming Munro 22 Oct 1897 31 Argyle St., Motherwell, Lanark James Munro
Engineer (foreman)
Lilia Cumming Carmichael

F 23 Nov 1877
Hamilton, Lanark
Birth Bridget Fegan 18 Oct 1897 57 Park Street, Motherwell, Lanark John Fegan
Boiler Fireman
Catherine McArdle

F 11 Sep 1891
Armagh, Ireland