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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death David Fleming
20 May 1930 61 John Knox Street, Glasgow, Lanark 46 Years M Thomas Fleming (Deceased)
Handloom Weaver
Susan Kirkland (Deceased) Margaret McDowell
J. Fleming, brother, 179 Hamilton Rd at Rutherglen
Death Daniel Hood
Tailor and Clothier
28 Apr 1927 Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 67 Years M James Hood (Deceased)
Margaret Cuthbertson (Deceased) Lillias Jack
Andrew Hood, Son, Glasgow, Lanark
Death Eliza Jane Collins 2 Dec 1918 Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 71 Years F Solomon Darlingston (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Susan Nucky (Deceased) Wlliam Collins
Coal Miner
Nicholas Collins, son, 66 Portland Place, Hamilton
Death Daniel Crawford
Colliery Labourer
1 Dec 1918 Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 72 Years M William Crawford (Deceased)
Elizabeth Donaldson (Deceased) Jane Murray
Daniel Crawford, son, 92 Glen Road, Livingston by Midcalder
Death Agnes Younger 30 Nov 1918 82 Coventry Drive, Glasgow, Lanark 50 Years F John Campbell (Deceased)
Christina McTaggart (Deceased) George Younger
Steelworks Engine Keeper
George Younger, widower
Death Flora Joss
Brewery Worker
29 Sep 1915 Eastern District Hospital, Glasgow, Lanark 21 Years F John Joss (Deceased)
Farm Servant
Margaret Davidson Single
Margaret Joss, mother, 3 Arden Street
Death Jane McCabe 29 Sep 1915 Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 51 Years F Thomas Oman (Deceased)
Margaret McMillan (Deceased) (1) William Gallagher , Labourer (2) John McCabe, Telephone Fitter
John McCabe (Widower)
Death Donald Blue
Seaman (Merchant Service)
27 Sep 1915 Eastern District Hospital, Glasgow, Lanark 51 Years M John Blue (Deceased)
Euphemia Sinclair (Deceased) Margaret Sutherland
M Blue, widow, 2 East Shaw Street, Greenock, Renfrew
Death Jeanie Mitchell Wilson 22 Nov 1903 13 Reid Street, Glasgow 1 7/12 Years F Thomas Wilson
Locomotive Stoker
Betsy Conty ? Scott Infant Death
B C Wilson (Mother
Death John Milne 22 Nov 1903 85 Alexandra Parade, Glasgow 1 2/12 Years M John Wilson Milne
Provision Sales
Annie Robb Geddes Infant Death
John W Milne (Father)