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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Mary Brodie McMillan 13 Dec 1939 Western Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 68 Years F John McTaggart (Deceased)
Mary McGeachy (Deceased) Thomas McMillan
Engine Keeper
Thomas McMillan, son, 11 C Renwick Street, Glasgow, Lanark

Death Margaret Ormiston 12 Dec 1939 17 Dowanside Road, Glasgow, Lanark 83 Years F Richard Horne (Deceased)
Janet McKenzie (Deceased) William Ormiston
Mr. Horne, brother, 27 Killermont Road, Bearsden

Death Alan Ramsay Sweeney
Not listed
12 Dec 1939 Western Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 14 Years M John Robert Sweeney
Ship Plater (Foreman)
Jane Ramsay Lowrie Child Death
John R Sweeny, Father, 150 Baldwin Ave, Glasgow, Lanark

Death Daniel Blue
Engine Fitter (Journeyman)
6 Feb 1936 Partick Bridge Street, Glasgow, Lanark 70 Years M Daniel Blue (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Mary Townsend (Deceased) Margaret Bowie
Margaret Blue, Widow

Marriage Archibald Keith
16 Oct 1934 508 Great Weston Road, Hillhead, Glasgow, Lanarkshire 34 Years M Edward Keith (Deceased)
Annabella Smith Martha Stewart McNeill
District Nurse
31 Years Archibald McNeill
Martha Stewart
Death Hugh Allan
Farmer (Retired)
12 Jun 1932 3 Claremont Terrace, Glasgow, Lanark 82 Years M Robert Allan (Deceased)
Margaret Bryson (Deceased) Helen Wiseman
James Allan, Son, Machar House, Killearn

Marriage James Calder
Bank Teller
30 Apr 1931 Grand Hotel, Glasgow, Lanark 29 Years M John Calder (Deceased)
Post Office Worker
Elizabeth Wares (Deceased) Ewanina MacKenzie
30 Years Alexander MacKenzie
Master Mariner
Marion Macrae
Marriage Victor James Cumming
Flight Manager (Shipping)
29 Apr 1931 Grand Hotel, Glasgow, Lanark 48 Years M Thomas Cumming (Deceased)
Cabinet Maker
Helen Wilson (Deceased) Jenny Yuill Campbell
38 Years John Walkinshaw Campbell (Deceased)
Isabella Currie (Deceased)
Death Agnes McColl 14 Jul 1922 Western Infirmary, Glasgow 53 Years F William Patterson (Deceased)
Jane Anderson (Deceased) John McColl
Shipping Clerk
John McColl (Widower)

Death Neil McTaggart
Master Mariner
12 Jul 1922 Western Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 67 Years M Neil McTaggart (Deceased)
Agnes Mitchell (Deceased) Janet Alexander
Jenny Edwards (Daughter) 26 Main Street, Campbeltown