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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Jane McIndoe Strang 23 Apr 1942 270 Florence Street, Glasgow 57 Years F William Strang (Deceased)
Elizabeth McKenzie (Deceased) Single
Peter Strang (Brother)

Death Alexander Angus Blue
Butcher's Assistant
21 Apr 1942 84 Abbotsford Place, Glasgow, Lanark 61 Years M Barbara Blue (Afterwards married to Archibald Ca Jeanie Mackie
James Mackie Blue (Son), 12 Warwick St. Glasgow

Death Winifred Catherine Glen MacPhee 19 Apr 1942 3 Abbotsford Place, Glasgow 6 Months F (Not Given) Catherine MacPhee
Domestic Servant
Infant Death
Catherine MacPhee (Mother)

Marriage William Dolan
Contractors Carter
3 Sep 1918 Abbotsford Parish Church of Glasgow, Lanark 20 Years M William Dolan
Fisher Market labourer
Annie McLean Mary Stewart or Elvin
Printer's Machine Feeder
25 Years John Stewart
Dock Labourer
Frances Kane
Marriage Gregor McGregor Tassie
Meat Inspector (Private 10th Cameron Highlanders)
3 Sep 1918 Abbotsford Parish Church of Glasgow, Gorbals, Lanark 29 Years M Gregor McGregor Tassie
Meat Inspector
Christina Bathgate (deceased) Janet Garven Shields
Grocers assistant
29 Years John Shields
Margaret McGillespie
Death John Keenan
28 Sep 1908 7 Catheart Street, Glasgow, Lanark 48 Years M Peter Keenan (Deceased)
Grain Porter
Sarah Crawford (Deceased) Annie Murphy
Annie Keenan, Widow

Death John McCaffer
Ship Carpenter
26 Sep 1908 258 Paisley Road, Glasgow, Lanark 54 Years M John McCaffer (Deceased)
Engine Keeper
Elizabeth Crawford (Deceased) 1. Isabella Morrison 2. Margaret McCallum Sinclair
Marion Shaw, Daughter, 162 Cumberland Street, Glasgow, Lanark

Death Jeanie Smith 26 Sep 1908 170 Surrey Lane, Glasgow, Lanark 9 Months F Thomas Smith
Gaswork Labourer
Rose Anne Clark Infant Death
Rose A. Smith, Mother

Death Thomas Macdonald
Tramcar Conductor
7 Aug 1904 22 Rutherglen Road, Glasgow, Lanark 25 Years M John Macdonald
Spirit Storekeeper
Elizabeth Lennie Not Married
E. Madine,mother

Death Ann Campbell 7 Aug 1904 188 Longsite Road, Glasgow, Lanark 80 Years F Donald McKendrick (Deceased)
Mary Kelly (Deceased) Angus Campbell
Angus Campbell (Son)