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Event Name Date Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Parents marriage Age Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Birth Robert Dunlop McClymont McCole 26 May 1892 Armbank, Tarbolton,Ayr James McClymont McCole
Coal Miner
Agnes Dunlop 31 Dec 1888
Tarbolton, Ayr

Birth Donald McVey 25 May 1892 Tarbolton, Ayr Stephen McVey
Elizabeth Muir 23 May 1890

Birth Margaret Telfer White 15 May 1892 Armbank, Tarbolton, Ayr James White
Coal Miner
Margaret Telfer 25 Dec 1873
Kilmarnock, Ayr

Birth David McVay 4 Feb 1892 Mossbog, Tarbolton, Ayr Francis McVay
Hannah Connell 5 Apr 1888
Mauchline, Ayr

Birth Mary Barbour Bowes Martin 28 Jan 1892 Montgomery St. Tarbolton, Ayr Allan Osburn Martin
Coal Miner
Mary Speirs 16 Sep 1891
Tarbolton, Ayr

Birth Daniel Dunlop Kennedy 26 Jan 1892 Annbank, Tarabolton, Ayr John Kennedy
Coal Miner
Rachel Robertson 4 Mar 1880
Tarbolton, Ayr

Marriage Richard Robertson
4 Dec 1891 Crown Hotel, Tarbolton, Ayr John Roberston
Coal Miner
Ann Crozier 26 Years Margaret McVey
Domestic Servant
25 Years James McVey
General Labourer
Annie Cairns
Marriage Robert Reid
Coal Miner
1 Dec 1891 Burnbrae, Tarbolton, Ayr David Reid
Road Surfaceman
Janet Frew 24 Years Maggie Robertson
Farm Servant
20 Years Hugh Robertson
Coal Miner
Elizabeth Deborah
Marriage Hugh White
9 Jun 1886 Strandhead, Tarbolton James Whiter (Deceased)
Agnes Collins (Deceased) 29 Years Mary Hunter
Dairy Maid
28 Years John Hunter
Mary Maxwell Rewcastle
Marriage John Little
Coal Miner
9 Apr 1886 Annbank, Tarbolton John Little (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Isabella Wilson 22 Years Isabella Brown
Out Door Worker
19 Years James Brown
Fire Man
Christina O'Hara