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Event Name Date Age Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Gender Death informant Parents marriage
Marriage John Yuill
18 Apr 1902 30 Years 13 Queen Square, Kinning Park, Glasgow, Lanark Alexander Yuill (Deceased)
Margaret Hill Flora Macgougan
Domestic Servant
26 Years Malcolm Macgougan
Flora Maitland
Death Mary Cameron McNeill McGill 4 Oct 1901 3 Months 9 West Scotland Street, Kinning Park, Lanark Hector McNeill McGill
Margaret Cameron McGhee Infant Death

F Hector McNeill McGill, Father
Birth Mary Cameron McNeill McGill 27 Jun 1901 9 West Scotland Street, Kinning Park, Lanark Hector McNeill
Margaret McGhee

F 7 May 1900
Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Peter McLachlan McGeachy 22 Dec 1900 196 St. James Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow, Lanark Lauchlan McGeachy
Ellen Mason McMillan

M 22 Jun 1894
Campbeltown, Argyll
Birth Nellie Wright 18 Dec 1900 24 Smith Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow Thomas Wright
Annie Jane Lamont Aitken

F 28 Sep 1900
Cronberry, Auchinleck, Ayr
Birth Catherine Sutherland Thomson 28 Nov 1900 245 Craig Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow, Lanark Joseph Thomson
Janet Sutherland

F 28 Apr 1882
Govan, Lanark
Birth John McDonald McCheyne 30 May 1899 Paisley Road West, Kinning Park, Lanark John McCheyne
Iron Milling
Mary McDonald

M 4 May 1898
Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Alexander Robert Mitchell 3 May 1899 Govan Road, Kinning Park, Lanark Alexander Mitchell
Cabinet Maker
Jessie Jane Mitchell

M 27 Dec 1895
Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Alexander McMillan Scott 2 May 1899 Marlow Street, Kinning Park, Lanark James Scott
Jane McMillan

M 31 Dec 1888
Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Robert Hill McEachern 5 Apr 1899 128 Cathcart Street, Glasgow Robert Hill McEachern
Indian Rubber Company's Manager
Sarah Pollock

M 20 Sep 1895
District of All Saints, Jersey