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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Parents marriage
Death Elizabeth Ritchie 03 Feb 1937 Kirklandside Hospital, Riccarton, Ayr 6 Years F Andrew Ritchie
Creamery Worker
Elizabeth Brown Child Death
A Ritchie (Father)

Death Mary Dick 02 Feb 1937 31 Barnweil Road, Riccarton, Ayr 62 Years F Alexander Earl (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Janet Livingstone (Deceased) Andrew Dick
Corporation Worker
Mary Dick (Daughter)

Death Mary Smith 02 Feb 1937 Kirklandside Hospital, Riccarton, Ayr 69 Years F Not Listed Mary McKenna (Deceased)
William Smith
J Malcom (Matron)

Marriage Peter Sloan
Coal Miner
31 Dec 1886 Riccarton, Ayr 24 Years M William Sloan
General Labourer
Mary McCulloch Christina McTaggart
22 Years Not Given
Agnes McTaggart
Domestic Servant
Marriage Robert McCulloch
Journeyman Joiner
31 Dec 1886 Hurlford, Parish of Riccarton,Ayr 32 Years M David McCulloch (Deceased)
Stone Dyker
Jane McGhee (Deceased) Nicholas L. McFadzean
31 Peter McFadzean
Agnes Mitchell
Birth William Livingston 22 Sep 1877 Riccarton, Ayr M Joseph Livingston
Coal Miner
Jane Bruce

09 Jun 1871
Riccarton, Ayr
Birth Fanny Balloch 02 Sep 1877 Sornhill, Riccarton, Ayr F Hugh Balloch
Coal Miner
Mary Gray

Jun 1876
Parish of Sorn
Birth John Stirling (Illeg) 02 Sep 1877 Riccarton, Ayr M (Unknown) Margaret Stirling
Bonnet Knitter

(Not married)
Marriage William Frew
Farm Servant
10 Jun 1870 Riccarton, Ayr 23 Years M Robert Frew
Catherine Watt Jessie Harkness
Farm Servant
22 Years Neil Harkness (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Sarah Anderson
Marriage Adam Houston
Journeyman Blacksmith
27 May 1870 Hurlford, Parish of Riccarton 23 Years M Alexander Houston
Muslin Weaver
Janet Glen Annabella Black
Domestic Servant
21 Years George Black (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Margaret McGavin