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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Gelston Sarah Fleming 30 Mar 1959 3 Barloch Street, Glasgow, Springburn, Lanark 69 Years F Alexander Walker (Deceased)
Iron Driller
Martha Hughes (Deceased) Alexander Fleming
Ship Steward
J. Fleming, son, 3 Mount Harriet House, Stepps.

Death Joseph Patrick Gribbon
Bottle Work TImekeeper
28 Mar 1959 142 Pendeen Road, Glasgow, Springburn, Lanark 55 Years M Thomas Gribbon (Deceased)
Bottle Work Foreman
Mary Ward, previously Dougan (Deceased) Isabella Smart Hogg
Isabella Gribbons, widow, 142 Pendeen Road, Glasgow, Springburn, Lanark

Death Isabella Cairns 27 Mar 1959 225 Forge Street, Glasgow, Springburn, Lanark 36 Years F Duncan McArthur (Deceased)
Janet McCuaig John Cairns
Concrete Flooring Labourer
John Cairns, widower

Death Mary Geddes 8 Jan 1948 133 Balornock Road, 85 Years F Richard Knowles Deceased)
Mechanical Engineer
Marion Cameron (Deceased) Henry Geddes
Marion Mackie (Daughter),, Glasgow

Death Agnes Graham Christie
Printers book Keeper (Retired)
8 Jan 1948 133 Balornock Road, Glasgow 80 Years F Robert Christie (Deceased)
Margaret Wardrop (Deceased) Single
Robert Christie (Brother) 31 Breadalbane Street, Glasgow

Death Edward Curran Paul 7 Jan 1948 133 Balornock Road, Glasgow 6 Days M John Heron Wilson Paul
Railway Engine Stoker
Rita Theresa Curran Infant Death
John Paul (Father) 54 Buchanan Street, Bailleston

Marriage Norman Harper
Police Constable, Trooper, Royal Canadian Armoured Regiment
12 Oct 1945 Colston, Wellpark Church, Springburn, Glasgow 33 Years M John Harper
Mary Naismith Flora Blue
Drapery Saleswoman (Farm Worker, Women's Land Army)
20 Years Thomas Blue
Elizabeth Martin
Death Janet Blackstock 27 Mar 1933 6 Crichton Street, Glasgow 80 Years F James Hunter (Deceased)
Railway Surfaceman
Agnes Burt (Deceased) Peter Blackstock
Engine Fitter (Journeyman)
Peter Blackstock (Widower)

Death Margaret Graham 24 Mar 1933 884 London Road, Glasgow 1 Month F (Unknown) Annie Duncan Graham
Dyer's Shop Assistant
Infant Death
Annie Graham (Mother), 31 Friarscourt Ave., Glasgow

Death James Murphy
13 Mar 1933 133 Balornock Road, Glasgow 78 Years M Patrick Murphy (Deceased)
Mary Lynch (Deceased) Single
Thomas Millar (Occupier)