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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Parents marriage
Death Flora McMillan
16 Mar 1924 Hansen Street, Glasgow, Lanark 28 Years F John McMIllan
Cleansing Labourer
Flora Drain (Deceased) Not Married
Malcolm McMillan, brother

Marriage Ronald McFarlane
Chemical Worker
16 Jul 1920 3 Windsor Terrace, Kelvin, Glasgow, Lanark 25 Years M Duncan McFarlane (Deceased)
Marine Engineer
Elizabeth Now Anderson (Previously: McFarlane MS: Allison Mary Stevenson
Chemical Worker
22 Years John Stevenson
Rosina Now Campbell (Previously: Stevenson MS: Wallace
Death William Fraser 5 Nov 1906 19 Mount Street, Glasgow, Lanark 15 Months M Anthony Fraser
Joiner (Journeyman)
Margaret Murphy Infant Death
A.Fraser, father

Death Colin Campbell
Joiner (Journeyman)
2 Nov 1906 Western Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanark 52 Years M Angus Campbell (Deceased)
Ann McKendrick (Deceased) Not Married
Angus Campbell (Brother), 341 Victoria Road,Glasgow

Death Mary Cameron or Munro 25 Oct 1906 29 Belgrave Street, Glasgow, Lanark 10 Days F Donald Munroe
Christina Cameron Infant Death
Christian Munro, mother

Birth George Burn Matheson 2 Apr 1906 25 Carrickanton St., Glasgow, Lanark M George Burn Matheson
Railway Porter
Elizabeth McPherson

1 Sep 1886
St. Peters District, Dundee
Birth Mary Ann Ferguson 24 Mar 1906 59 Dover Street, Kelvin, Glasgow, Lanark F John Ferguson
Janet Renwick

2 Jun 1899
Calton, District of Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Gilbert Daniel Blue 23 Mar 1906 57 Breadalbane St., Glasgow, Lanark M Duncan Blue
Engine Fitter (Journeyman)
Janet McGregor

8 Oct 1897
Kelvin District, Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Jane Elizabeth Blue 23 Mar 1906 57 Breadalbane Street, Kelvin, Glasgow, Lanark F Duncan Blue
Engine Fitter (Journeyman)
Janet McGregor

8 Oct 1897
Kelvin, District of Glasgow. Lanark
Birth Mary Sillars Allison 19 Mar 1906 47 Kerr Street, Kelvin, Glasgow, Lanark F James Allison
Window Cleaner (Foreman)
Mary Lang

9 Jun 1905
Campbeltown, Argyll