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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death Janet Speirs Keith 20 Sep 1950 77 Whitby Street, Glasgow, Lanark 66 Years F John Campbell (Deceased)
Christina Gilchrist (Deceased) James Keith
James Keith, Widower
Death Margaret Wyne 27 Nov 1921 280 Old Shettleston Road, Glasgow, Lanark 76 Years F James Forsyth (Deceased)
Cotton Yarn Twister
Agnes McKran (Deceased) 1.-- Wilson 2. Henry Wyne
1. Not Given 2. Wire Worker
Joseph Wyne, Son
Death Mary Todd 27 Nov 1921 692 Tollcross Road, Glasgow, Lanark 73 Years F David McCallum (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Margaret McKillop (Deceased) Robert Todd
Mining Contractor
Daniel Todd, Son, 804 Great Eastern Road
Death Janet Lawson 26 Nov 1921 94 Calton Street, Glasgow, Lanark 66 Years F Andrew Nelson (Deceased)
Agnes Steel (Deceased) William Lawson
Drapery Warehouseman
Jenny Mather, Daughter
Death John Brown 24 Sep 1912 64 Gray Street, Shettleston, Lanark 8 Months M Robert Brown
Iron Turner
Maggie Taylor Infant Death
Robert Brown, Father
Death Edith Shirreff 24 Sep 1912 680 Main Street, Tolleross, Shettleston, Lanark 33 Hours F David Shirreff
Iron Moulder
Margaret Gibson Infant Death
David Shirreff, Father
Death Janet Gilfillan 21 Sep 1912 Helena Place, Hillview Street, Shettleston, Lanark 83 Years F Hugh Cumming (deceased)
Coal Miner
Jeanie Summers (deceased) James Gilfillan
Engine Keeper
James Gilfillan, Son, 1280 Springburn Road, Glasgow
Death James Preston Burns
Spirit Salesman
9 Jul 1910 11 James Street, Shettleston, Lanark 17 Years, 5 Months M David Burns
Engine Keeper
Sarah Preston (deceased) Not married
David Burns, Father
Death Jemina Duncan Sinclair
7 Jul 1910 The Ferns, Hamilton Drive, Shettleston, Lanark 26 Years F Peter Sinclair (deceased)
Railway Station Master
Agnes Sim (deceased) Not married
Janet Stirling, Aunt, Avon Cottage, Stonehouse, Lanark
Death Isabella McConnell 6 Jul 1910 444 Main Street, Shettleston,Lanark 21 Years F John Forrest
Isabella Byars (deceased) James McConnell
Coal Miner
Jessie McKenzie, Sister, 121 Camden Street, Glasgow