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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Jessie Wallace MacMaster 8 Feb 1954 Rankin Memorial Hospital, Greenock, Renfrew 47 Years F Thomas Mitchell (Deceased)
Violet Boyd Shearer Cameron (Deceased) John Thompson MacMaster
John MacMaster, widower

Death Mary Meney 8 Feb 1954 Larkfield Hospital, Greenock, Renfrew 69 Years F William Frank Nichol (Deceased)
Mary Porter (Deceased) Samuel John Meney
Dental Surgeon
Jean Nicol, sister, 20 Benview Terrace, Greenock

Death Andrew Duncan McKellar 15 Sep 1932 53 Crawford Street, Greenock 2 Months M Joseph McKellar
Foundry Labourer
Agnes Duncan Infant Death
J McKellar (Father)

Death Alexander Blue
Master Mariner (Retired)
15 Sep 1932 Mariner's Asylum, Greenock, Renfrew 78 Years M Alexander Blue (Deceased)
Jessie Davidson (Deceased) Single

Death Archibald Mitchell Robertson
15 Sep 1932 Royal Infirmary, Greenock, Renfrew 8 Years M Archibald Mitchell Robertson
Sailmaker's Labourer
Rosina Roberts Child Death
Archibald M Robertson (Father) 9 Tobage Street, Greenock

Marriage John Graham
28 Feb 1919 78 Finard? Street, Greenock, Renfrew 44 Years M Malcolm Graham
Margaret Lauder (Deceased) Jane Lang Blue
Factory Worker
46 Years Alexander Blue
Mary Colville (Deceased)
Marriage Thomas Patrick Brannigan
Factory Worker
27 Feb 1919 Saint Mary's, Greenock 26 Years M John Brannigan
Mary Boyle Mary McGuire
Sugar House Worker
24 Years Richard McGuire (Deceased)
Bridget Boyle (Deceased)
Marriage Charles Murray
Licensed Stevedore
29 Apr 1912 Saint Mary's, Greenock, Renfrew 34 Years M Thomas Murray (Deceased)
Licensed Stevedore
Mary Burns Agnes Blue
Domestic Servant
27 Years James Blue
Dock Labourer
Catherine Sweeney
Marriage A. S. Simpson
Shipyard Labourer
26 Apr 1912 1 Houston Street, Greenock, Renfrew 23 Years M John Simpson
Shipyard Labourer
Helen Pollock Annie Elder
Domestic Servant
18 Years Not Given
Elizabeth Elder, now married to Robert Currie, Contractor's Carter
Death George Menzies 30 Jan 1907 40 Sir Michael Street, Greenock 14 Months M Walter Stuart Menzies
Shipyard Loftman
Flora McColl Shaw Infant Death
Walter S Menzies (Father)