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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death Barbara DeSykes 9 Mar 1948 66 Smallburn, Muirkirk, Ayr 1 Year 9 Months F William DeSykes
Coal Miner
Jeanie Mitchell Infant Death
William DeSykes (Father)
Death Peter Findlay
Coal Miner
26 Feb 1948 4 Midhouse Row, Muirkirk, Ayr 57 Years M Thomas Findlay (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Sarah Anderson McKean (Deceased) Jean Ritchie Arthur
Thomas Findlay (Son) Muirkirk, Ayr
Death John MacDougall
17 Feb 1948 22 Wellwood, Muirkirk, Ayr 86 Years M Donald MacDougall (Deceased)
Jane MacIntyre (Deceased) Helen McKenzie
Thomas MacDougall (Son) 92 Main St., Muirkirk
Death (Not Given) Wilson 23 Feb 1903 54 Rames Row, Muirkirk, Ayr 24 Hours M Robert Wilson
Coal Miner
Helen Jane Symington Infant Death
Robert Wilson (Father)
Death Sarah McLachlan 19 Feb 1903 Upper Hall Farm, Muirkirk, Ayr 56 Years F John Currie (Deceased)
Ann Wallace (Deceased) Daniel McLachlan
Malcolm McLachlan (Son)
Death John Kelly
17 Feb 1903 Railway Huts, Glenbuck, Muirkirk, Ayr 53 Years M Thomas Kelly (Deceased) Catherine McGurk (Deceased) Single
D Boyle (Hut Keeper's Son)
Death James Balloch 30 Jun 1888 Grasshill Row, Glenbuck, Muirkirk, Ayr 3 Years M Hugh Balloch
Coal Miner
Mary Gray Child Death
Hugh Balloch (Father)
Death (Not Given) Dalziel 21 Jun 1888 Dalziels Row, Glenbuck, Muirkirk 10 Days F John Dalziel
Sophia Pearson Infant Death
John Dalziel (Father)
Death Jeanie Ritchie Colthart 20 Jun 1888 Lennox Place, Main Street 4 Months F John Colthart
Coal Miner
Elizabeth Steele Infant Death
John Colthart (Father)
Birth James Wardrope 22 Sep 1855 Muirkirk, Ayr M Peter Wardrope
Jean Boag
Avondale, Lanark