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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Parents marriage
Death Archibald Brownlie
Sewing Machine Factory Machinist
4 Dec 1945 Clydebank, Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton 63 Years M Thomas Brownlie (Deceased)
Powerloom worker
Jane Brown (Deceased) Elizabeth Gibson
Elizabeth Brownlie, daughter

Death Jane Greer Blue 1 May 1924 8 Dumbarton Road, Old Kilpatrick, Dumbarton 46 years F Joseph Kemp (deceased)
Iron dresser
Jane Greer (deceased) 1. Robert Thomson 2. William Blue
1. Ironmoulder 2. Rivetter
Hugh Thomson, son, Donelay House, Old Kilpatrick, Dumbarton

Marriage William Logan
Ship Caulker (Apprentice)
25 Apr 1919 36 Second Avenue, Radnor Park, Dumbarton 20 Years M William Logan (Deceased)
Anne Jane Cloughley Isabella McDonald
21 Years Alexander McDonald
Riveter (Journeyman)
Margaret Smith
Marriage William Edward Black
Shipwright (Journeyman)
25 Apr 1919 25 Bannerman Street, Clydebank, Dumbarton 29 Years M John Black (Deceased)
Marion Docherty (Deceased) Annabella McKenzie
Sheet Iron Welder
28 Years John McKenzie
Ship Rigger (Journeyman)
Robertina Mustard
Marriage William Shepherd
Ship Plater (Journeyman)
27 Jun 1918 The Manse, Drumry Road, Clydebank, Dumbarton 28 Years M Alexander Murray (Deceased)
Shepherd, Foreman, Blacksmith
Margaret Mathie Shepherd Chalmers (Deceased) Mary Turnbull
24 Years Robert Turnbull (Deceased)
Iron Turner
Mary Blackwood
Marriage William McKenzie
26 Jun 1918 Wesleyan Church, Clydebank, Dumbarton 22 Years M John McKenzie
Shipyard Labourer
Christine Mustard Bella Urquart
Sewing Machine Inspector
24 Years John Urquart
Brass Moulder (Journeyman)
Jeanie Mitchell
Birth Mary Logan McDougall 19 Sep 1909 15 Glenruther Terrace, Dalmuir, Old Kilpatrick, Dumbarton F Peter McDougall
Plumber (Journeyman)
Agnes Fisher

29 Dec 1905
Partick, Lanark
Birth Catherine Dempster 6 Sep 1909 6 Bruce Street, Clydebank, Old Kilpatrick, Dumbarton F Adam Dempster
Police Constable
Mary McIntyre McGugan

31 Dec 1892
Tarbert, Argyll
Birth Thomas Sinclair Mowat Dempster 12 Feb 1908 6 Bruce Street, Clydebank, Old Kilpatrick, Dumbarton M Adam Dempster
Police Constable
Mary McIntyre McGugan

31 Dec 1892
Tarbert, Argyllshire
Birth Allan Fulton 6 Nov 1893 15 Clydebank Terrace, Clydebank M Robert Fulton
Jane Marshall

Nov 1875
Renfrew, Scotland