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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Francis Welsh
25 Nov 1900 Casual Sick House, Barassie Street, Troon, Ayr 46 Years M Not Given Not Given Single
James Morren (Member of Police, Troon)

Death John Martin
Registrar of Births etc.
24 Nov 1900 Adava Cottage, Troon, Ayr 81 Years M William Martin (Deceased)
Jeanie Henry (Deceased) Elizabeth Davidson
William Martin (Son)

Death Andrew Peacock
16 Nov 1900 Tichfield Row, Troon, Ayr 57 Years M Stephen Peacock (Deceased)
Janet Boyd (Deceased) Mary Ann McCracken or McVey
James Manson, neighbour

Marriage John Garven
General Labourer
31 Dec 1895 9 Templehill, Troon, Ayr 26 Years M John Garven
General Labourer
Catherine Brannan Isabella Hunter
Domestic Servant
20 Years James Hunter
Crane man
Jane Gardiner
Marriage Matthew Logan
Farm Servant
31 Dec 1895 Loans, Troon, Ayr 22 Years M Andrew Logan
General Labourer
Margaret Jane McCormick Mary McEwan
Farm Servant
21 Years James McEwan
Janet McGarvie (Deceased)
Death Hugh Thomson 8 Mar 1891 24 Back Templehill, Troon, Ayr 3 Weeks M William Thomson
Elizabeth Thomson Child Death
William Thomson (Father)

Death Jeanie Crawford 4 Mar 1891 Barassie Street, Troon, Ayr 54 Years F David Crawford
Coal Trimmer
Marion Williamson Single
David Crawford (Father)

Death Elizabeth Martin 2 Mar 1891 Berriedale Buildings, Tichfield Road, Troon, Ayr 72 Years F James Davidson (Deceased)
Sarah Crighton (Deceased) John Martin
Registrar of Births
John Martin (Widower)

Marriage William Hall
1 Oct 1890 86 Temple Hill, Troon, Ayr 28 Years M Thomas Hall
Janet Gillespie Campbell (Deceased) Nicholas Niven Scott
24 Years James Scott
Margaret Currie
Marriage Daniel Hart
Harbour Pilot
26 Sep 1890 Welbeck Crescent, Troon, Ayr 36 Years M Daniel Hart
Navy Pensioner
Mary McLean Charlotte McMillan
Grocery Saleswoman
32 Years William McMillan
Jane Guthrie