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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Thomasina Carnegie 22 Mar 1899 Tayvallich, Parish of North Knapdale, Argyll 16 1/2 Hours F Alexander Strachan Carnegie
Bessie Jane Black Infant Death
Alexr Carnegie, father

Death Isabella McCallum 0 Feb 1899 Barndive, Parish of North Knapdale, Argyll 80 Years F Nicol McCallum (Deceased)
Ann McPhedran (Deceased) Not Married
Nicol Maccallum, nephew

Death Sarah Blue 6 Jan 1899 Craiglain, Parish of North Knapdale, Argyll 86 Years F John Blue (Deceased)
Catherine Paterson (Deceased) Neil McTaggart
Dugald McTaggart, son

Death Alexander Blue
4 Jul 1872 North Knapdale, Argyll 90 Years M Not Given Not Given Sarah McCallum
John Fletcher, grandson

Death Catherine Campbell 15 May 1872 Tayvallich Village, Parish of North Knapdale, Argyll 62 Years F Archibald McAlister (Deceased)
Cabinet Maker
Mary Campbell Dugald Campbell
Dugald Campbell, husband

Death Catherine Campbell
Pauper formerly House Keeper
26 Apr 1872 Keills Farm, North Knapdale, Argyll 21 Years F Neil Campbell
Boat Builder
Catherine Mclean Not Married
Donald Campbell, his x mark, brother

Marriage Robert McIntyre
11 Jul 1870 Parish of North Knapdale, Argyll 27 Years M Archibald McIntyre (Deceased)
Mary McGregor Margaret Shaw
Domestic Servant
23 Years Hector Shaw
Christian Lamont
Marriage Archibald McFarlane
31 Mar 1870 Daimardroy Parish, North Knapdale, Argyll 25 Years M William McFarlane
Herring Buyer
Janet McArthur Mary Brown
23 Years James Brown
Christina McIsaac
Death Ann McMillan 1 Oct 1869 Lower Fernoch, North Knapdale, Argyll 1 Year F Duncan McMillan
Catherine McCallum Infant Death
Flora McMillan, grandmother, her x mark

Death Donald McDougall
General Labourer
25 Jul 1869 Ballanoch Village, Tayvallich, North Knapdale, Argyll 25 years M John McDougall
General Labourer
Sarah McAulay Not Married
Sarah McDougall, mother, her x mark