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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death Mary Wilson 04 Jan 1928 Asylum Shotts 71 Years F John Ewing (Deceased)
Journeyman Mason
Mary Lang (Deceased) John Wilson
George Wilson (Son) Stanley Cottage, North Beggar Rd. Airdrie
Death Jane Brown 03 Jan 1928 Asylum, Shotts 59 Years F Joseph Craig (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Janet Mair (Deceased) Andrew Brown
Jane Stratton (Clerk) Hartwood
Death Janet Davidson 30 Dec 1927 Asylum, Shotts 75 Years F Alexander Lauder (Deceased)
Farm Labourer
Catherine Roy (Deceased) (1) James Stevenson (Farm Worker) (2) John Davidson (Labourer)
Jane Struthers (Clerk) Hartwood
Death Alexander Rodger
No Occupation
11 May 1906 Hartwood Asylum, Shotts, Lanark 31 Years M Alexander Rodger (Deceased)
Helen Lewis (Deceased) Single
Malcolm McTaggart (Attendant Hartwood)
Death Jane Forrest 08 May 1906 Hartwood Asylum, Shotts, Lanark 56 Years F James Wardrope (Deceased)
Tailor (Journeyman)
Not Given William Forrest
Joiner (Journeyman)
William Forreset (Widower) Noble's Land, Tollcross
Death Matthew Peters
Journeyman Baker
03 May 1906 Hartwood Asylum, Shotts, Lanark 38 Years M Matthew Peters
Master Baker
Mary Willis (Deceased) Single
Catherine Peters (Sister) 108 Graham St., Airdrie, Lanark
Birth Ann Mercer 26 Jan 1874 Harkhill, Shotts, Lanark F William Mercer
Iron Miner
Margaret McLean
01 Mar 1868
Birth Sarah Jane Stewart 12 Jan 1874 Shotts Toll Bar, Shotts, Lanark F William John Stewart
Roadsman in Iron Pit
Elizabeth Riddoch
31 Dec 1863
Drumgeloch, New Monkland, Lanark
Birth John Wardrope 09 Jan 1874 Muirhead, Shotts, Lanark M Not Given Jane Wardrope
Domestic Servant

Not Married