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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death Thomas Long
Insurance Chief Clerk (Retired)
8 Sep 1942 St. Raphael's Home, Blackford Ave., Edinburgh 80 Years M William Long (Deceased)
Metal Merchant
Helen Dalgleish (Deceased) Francis Gertrude Jones
Charles Crawford (Intimate Friend) 24 Corrumie Gardens, Edinburg
Death Annie Slain Muir 7 Sep 1942 City Hospital, Edinburgh 38 Years F James Lawrie (Deceased)
Agnes Slain (Deceased) Robert Muir
Electric Cable Jointers Mate
Robert Muir (Widower) 186 Morrison St., Edinburgh
Death James Wardrop Christie
Shipping Clerk (Retired)
7 Sep 1942 1 Glenlockhart Road, Edinburgh 68 Years M Robert Christie (Deceased)
Margaret Wardrop (Deceased) Single
George Christie (Brother) 43 Beltane St., Glasgow