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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Parents marriage
Death William Allan
Retired Tube Worker
26 Dec 1941 33 Alexander Street, Airdrie, New Monkland, Lanark 78 Years M Gavin Allan (deceased)
Farm Labourer
Jean Fleming (deceased) Marion Hyslop
William Allan, Son

Death James McEwan
Retired Coal Miner
26 Dec 1941 24 Wood Street, Airdie, New Monkland, Lanark 71 Years M James McEwan (deceased)
Coal Miner
Jane Buchanan (deceased) Martha Sharp
Martha McMath, daughter

Death John Lafferty
Formerly a Coal Miner
26 Dec 1941 98 Jarvie Avenue Plains by Airdrie, New Monkland, Lanark 53 Years M James Lafferty (deceased)
Coal miner
Alice Shevlin (deceased) Margaret Rodden Colligan
Margaret Lafferty, Widow

Marriage George Donaldson
Coal Miner
25 Feb 1898 Airdrie, New Monkland 22 Years M Alexander Donaldson (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Margaret Neish (Deceased) Elizabeth McGowan
Domestic Servant
23 Years William McGowan (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Elizabeth Murray (Deceased)
Marriage Andrew Raeburn
25 Feb 1898 Waltetown by Airdrie, New Monkland 28 Years M Andrew Raeburn (Deceased)
Janet Fisher (Deceased) Christina Hendry
28 Years John Hendry
Coal Miner
Mary Black
Birth Isabella Moffat Allan 20 May 1897 133 Forrest Street, Airdrie, New Monkland, Lanark F Robert Adam
Colliery Labourer
Helen Thomson

19 Sep 1884
Airdrie, New Monkland, Lanark
Birth Christine Forsyth Laird 18 May 1897 Hayfield Terrace, Longriggend by Airdie, New Monkland, Lanark F Robert Laird
Coal Miner
Jessie Thomson

06 Mar 1874
Denny, Stirling
Birth Isabella Williamson Allan 16 May 1897 Mill Street, Airdrie, New Monkland, Lanark F William Allan
Tube Worker
Marion Hislop

Nov 1892
Birth Robert Muir 17 Mar 1895 14 Watt's Land, Black Street, Airdrie, New Monkland, Lanark M Robert Muir
Coal Miner
Annie McDonald

29 Dec 1882
New Monkland, Lanark
Birth Hector Blair 02 Mar 1895 18 Mack Street, Airdrie, New Monkland, Lanark M James Blair
Pastry Baker (Foreman)
Sarah McGregor

07 Aug 1874