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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death William McKinlay
09 Oct 1908 Caol Ila, Kilmeny, Argyll 66 Years M John McKinlay (deceased)
Mary Campbell (deceased) Mary Henderson
Duncan McIndeor, son in law
Death John Spalding
Journeyman Mason
17 Aug 1908 Robolls, Kilmeny, Argyll 70 Years M John Spalding (deceased)
Journeyman Mason
Alice Cockburn Janet Lamont
Gilbert Spalding, son
Death Margaret Edwards 06 Jun 1908 Finlaggan, Kilmeny, Argyll 29 Years F Not Given Rachel McTaggart Richard Edwards
Cattle herdsman
Richard Edwards, widower
Death Archibald McCorquodale
Retired Distillery Foreman
12 Dec 1904 Yellow Rock, Kilmeny, Argyll 64 Years M Duncan McCorquodale (deceased)
Janet McLean Janet Henderson
Dougald McCorquodale, neighbour
Death Mary McKinlay 08 Oct 1904 Caol Ila, Kilmeny, Argyll 70 Years F Donald Henderson (deceased)
Mary Kelly (deceased) William McKinlay
Duncan McIndeor, son in law
Death Mary McDougall 19 Sep 1904 Finlaggin, Kilmeny, Argyll 4 Years F Duncan McDougall
Jessie McDuffie Child Death
Duncan McDougall, father
Birth Jane Ramsay 18 Mar 1886 Kilmeny, Argyll F Neil Ramsay
Janet McQueen
24 Jan 1867
Kilmeny, Argyll
Birth Janet McMillan 08 Mar 1886 Lossit, Kilmeny F Archibald McMillan
Janet McKeachan
04 Nov 1879
Kilmeny, Argyll
Birth Ann Sinclair 01 Mar 1886 Ballygrant, Kilmeny F John Sinclair
Isabella Bell
04 Jun 1879
Kilmeny, Argyll
Birth John Robertson 12 Aug 1881 Lossit, Parish of Kilmeny M Peter Robertson
Head Forrester
Euphemia Bird
24 Dec 1869