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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death William McKinlay
9 Oct 1908 Caol Ila, Kilmeny, Argyll 66 Years M John McKinlay (deceased)
Mary Campbell (deceased) Mary Henderson
Duncan McIndeor, son in law
Death John Spalding
Journeyman Mason
17 Aug 1908 Robolls, Kilmeny, Argyll 70 Years M John Spalding (deceased)
Journeyman Mason
Alice Cockburn Janet Lamont
Gilbert Spalding, son
Death Margaret Edwards 6 Jun 1908 Finlaggan, Kilmeny, Argyll 29 Years F Not Given Rachel McTaggart Richard Edwards
Cattle herdsman
Richard Edwards, widower
Death Archibald McCorquodale
Retired Distillery Foreman
12 Dec 1904 Yellow Rock, Kilmeny, Argyll 64 Years M Duncan McCorquodale (deceased)
Janet McLean Janet Henderson
Dougald McCorquodale, neighbour
Death Mary McKinlay 8 Oct 1904 Caol Ila, Kilmeny, Argyll 70 Years F Donald Henderson (deceased)
Mary Kelly (deceased) William McKinlay
Duncan McIndeor, son in law
Death Mary McDougall 19 Sep 1904 Finlaggin, Kilmeny, Argyll 4 Years F Duncan McDougall
Jessie McDuffie Child Death
Duncan McDougall, father
Birth Jane Ramsay 18 Mar 1886 Kilmeny, Argyll F Neil Ramsay
Janet McQueen
24 Jan 1867
Kilmeny, Argyll
Birth Janet McMillan 8 Mar 1886 Lossit, Kilmeny F Archibald McMillan
Janet McKeachan
4 Nov 1879
Kilmeny, Argyll
Birth Ann Sinclair 1 Mar 1886 Ballygrant, Kilmeny F John Sinclair
Isabella Bell
4 Jun 1879
Kilmeny, Argyll
Birth John Robertson 12 Aug 1881 Lossit, Parish of Kilmeny M Peter Robertson
Head Forrester
Euphemia Bird
24 Dec 1869